Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Frontier Organic Garlic Bread Seasoning

Since 1976, Frontier has been committed to sustainability. They offer a wide selection of all-natural herbs, spices, foods and teas including the best selection of certified organic and Fair Trade Certified™ products you'll find anywhere. We carry hard to find botanicals and are committed to protecting wild populations of endangered herbs.

When I tell you that this Garlic Bread Seasoning blend makes the best garlic bread ever I absolutely mean it. We went from having garlic bread only once in a while from having it once a week because we love it so much.
What's in it? Organic garlic, organic onion, organic paprika, organic basil, organic oregano, organic thyme and organic marjoram. I take some Italian bread and spread some softened butter along the top. A lot of butter - way beyond what is healthy. I just consider it a treat. I then sprinkle some of this seasoning on top of the butter and then pop it in the toaster oven till the butter is all melted and the bread is the desired crispness. To make it even yummier, you can then toss some mozzarella cheese on top and put it back in until it melts. Delicious.

I have lots of other Frontier seasonings and ingredients in my cabinets. As I have been running out of my herbs and spices I have been replacing them with Frontier ones. I also use their Sea Salt in all my cooking and their Fair Trade Vanilla Extract for baking. You can shop for Frontier products online at their website or visit your local natural food store.


  1. I think we use Frontier spices. LOL. If not I will talk to Melinda about this spread because we love garlic bread.

  2. Yes yes, tell her to order it from the next co-op over on BTB. ;)


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