Friday, April 3, 2009

What Shade of Green Are You?

Being green comes in many different shades. We all do what we can; some may do more than and some may do less. But I am a firm believer that even doing just one green thing makes a difference. Imagine if everyone did just one green thing? (How many times have you heard that?)

So I wanted to figure out what shade I am. I guessed I would probably be somewhere in the middle. After some searching, I found this short quiz that will determine how green you are.

What shade of green am I?
Meadow Green - Just a little more effort and a few more green facts will do wonders. It's in the mid-light range, which is kind of what I thought it would be.

What shade of green are you?
Take the quiz and then come back to tell us what shade you are!


  1. I'm meadow green too. Some questions didn't have the right options though, like water bottles-we rarely ever buy them, but when we do we always recycle them.

    That was an interesting quiz.

    I'd say that where I trip up is when Hubs or Jake leave things like the peanut butter jar on the counter empty, but they don't wash it. I get tired of doing all the washing, recycling, etc and sometimes have said that if they are too lazy to recycle then just throw it out already. Stop expecting me to be the recycling queen (lolol). But if I am the last person, it always gets washed and put in the bin.

    Gotta train those boys, you know?

  2. I am Kiwi!!!

    34 - 39 Kiwi - Keep up the good work and spread the word.

    That was fun, I think I will add it to my blog this weekend! Thanks!

  3. Meadow Green - I'm getting there!

  4. How fun!
    I am barely a 28 - 33 Four Leaf Clover - You have the idea so jump on the green wagon

  5. 28 - 33 Four Leaf Clover - You have the idea so jump on the green wagon.

  6. 4 Leaf Clover here!

    I need to start composting for sure!

  7. I was 39 - Kiwi, but one point away from Emerald Green. We're looking into leasing solar panels so that would definitely get me to Emerald Green! :-)

  8. I'm a four leaf clover! Some of the answers I found that I agreed with some parts of them, but not others so I think my results may be a little skewed. Thanks for sharing!


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