Thursday, April 2, 2009

Getting Dirty: My Pepper Plants Have Sprouted

OK, first let me explain the bottle cap image . My husband had some of his buddies over last weekend. One of the beer's they were drinking (Magic Hat??) has little saying on the caps. So they got this one that says "Life is a garden. DIG it!" and left it for me by my veggie garden tray. Yes, I kept it and took a picture of it, because I felt it fit perfectly with this Getting Dirty series.

Anyway, moving onto the gardening. Finally I can see little pepper plant seedlings popping up through the dirt! I was starting to get a little concerned since some of the other vegetables are growing like crazy. As you can see from the pictures below, the zucchini and cucumber plants are pretty darn big. And it has only been 2 weeks since I planted them. I may be transplanting them outside sooner than I originally thought.

Since there really isn't too much going on with the vegetables this week, I figured I would include some pictures of flowers from around the house. it looks like Spring is finally here. As you can see, I need to clean up my flower beds. There are leaves everywhere! How embarrassing.

Are you doing any gardening this Spring? Flowers? Veggies? How is it coming along so far?


  1. Looking good, Mama! DH is working on carrots and ... tomatoes here. The kids keep plucking them though. LOL! Worse than rabbits, they are!

  2. Hey - I am leaving you a Friend Popz from Ohana Mama.

    Grab the code from that link!

  3. Nothing is popping up around here yet. I'm so jealous of your green thumb! I need help!

  4. Wow - your plants are huge! They look awesome!

    I just started mine today, half I'm doing from seed the other directly in the ground.


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