Monday, April 20, 2009

Going Green: Reusable Feminine Products

Since I have a Lunapads giveaway going on, I thought now would be a good time to elaborate more on reusable feminine products. That's right boys, another post about periods. Now is your chance to quickly click on a different post of mine before we get into it.

I've already discussed the benefits of giving cloth pads a try. Just think about all those disposable ones that end up in landfills ever year, the petroleum that goes into making the plastic in them, or the chlorine used to bleach them. And I really can't stress enough how comfortable cloth pads are. Well, at least the ones I have tried. I barely even notice them.

When I first joined the "green movement", the thought of cloth pads truly grossed me out and I said to myself that I would never go that far. Ha. Now I love them. I've only tried 2 brands: Glad Rags and Lunapads, and I have been extremely pleased with both. I've had my Glad Rags for a while and they are still going strong. Plus their overnight ones are awesome - no leaks! I love that the Lunapads let you just change the liner as needed instead of changing the entire bad. They also make overnighters which I want to try too. There are lots of others out there you can try as well. I know a lot of people have said good things about Ama'z Padz as well. Do you have any other you can share with us?

One type of product I have not talked about yet are menstrual cups. Yes, these used to gross me out too. I would read about other mamas trying them and I just thought there was no way they would be comfortable and it would be such a mess. Boy was I wrong. The same time I bought my first cloth pads, I bought a cup as well. I opted for the Moon Cup over the Diva Cup because at the time it was on sale and considerably less money.

I was never a big fan of tampons. They were always pretty uncomfortable for me, especially after child birth (which is kind of ironic). So I was nervous that the Moon Cup would be the same way. I was pleasantly surprised that it was so much better. The first cycle was a learning one, but by the second cycle I had figured out how to insert it properly and now I don't even notice it is there.

If you think you want to give a menstrual cup a try, I recommend visiting this informative review. This woman tried out a bunch of different ones and then lists all of her findings here. I read this entire thing before making my purchase and it helped me decided on the Moon Cup. She also has tips on different folds for inserting that you can try.

So I hope you can maybe consider trying out some reusable menstrual products. Believe me, I know it can sound gross and be intimidating. But once you try it you will realize how much better it is. Have you already made the switch? Which brands/products are your favorite?


  1. Not sure If I could to this LOL

    BTW, the site looks awesome!!

  2. Huh. That's interesting! I guess I'm not as Green as I'd like to be... haha. It would take a me a minute to get used to that!!

    By the way, I featured your blog today!

  3. Just like you all those products completely grossed me out! Now I use jazzy pads most of the time:

    I also bought the diva cup but have not tried it yet. I bought it while still pregnant.

  4. I just saw these for the first time a few months ago, I'm not quite sure if I could get used to using something different or not. But they seem like a great idea!

  5. Wow! I've never heard of these products but it totally makes sense.

    Since my second child, I haven't had a period (almost 3 years) so I'm not currently in the market for feminine hygiene products. But it's good to know that there are green alternatives.

    I'm doing environmental posts all this week. I'd love it if you stop by.

    I'll be back!


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