Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Veggie Garden Update

Well it is safe to say that my cucumber, zucchini and tomato seedlings are officially dead. Way to go me! However, the pepper ones are still green and seem to be doing OK. Though they haven't grown much so I think it is time to transplant them into the ground. I'm hoping to do that in the next week.

I did go ahead and plant some new things though. On Mother's Day weekend I bought myself two grape tomato plants at Home Depot. They are from Bonnie Plants and while they are not organic at least they do come in biodegradable pots. Now the pots on my plants had white mold on them (ew) so I peeled them off and tossed them in the woods. LOL. I just wasn't comfortable planting mold with my veggies. Anyway, I planted them in a pot on my front steps. Here is the picture from the day they were planted.

I need to go outside and take pictures of them now because they are huge! I can't believe how tall they got. We had to put stakes in them because once the tomatoes start growing it weighs down the branches.

That same weekend I also planted some strawberry plants. My mom bought me a strawberry pot for my birthday and ordered some strawberry plants for both herself and me. So she helped me plant them and they are on my back deck. Here they are on Mother's Day.
Again, these look so much different now. Each plant is full of green leaves. its fun watching them grow. I'll have to get updated pictures of everything up in the next few days so you can see the difference.

If any of you have ever grown tomatoes or strawberries, I'd love to hear from you. Tips, advice, etc. is very much welcome! I have no idea what I am doing. :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

May 17 was our 6 year wedding anniversary, so I thought it appropriate to post a wedding picture. :)

Mr Linky isn't cooperating today, so please leave your link in a comment so I can visit! Happy WW!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Safeway Bright Green Products Review & Giveaway

I am always in the market for new eco-friendly cleaners. Particularly all purpose cleaners. I really like to make my own, but my husband absolutely hates the smell of the vinegar. So I was happy to learn about the Bright Green line available at Safeway stores.

Bright Green
features cleaning and laundry products made with naturally derived and biodegradable ingredients, paper products made from 100% recycled content, and high efficiency light bulbs. Each Bright Green product was designed with the customer in mind – someone who values quality products at affordable prices. Bright Green products work effectively and can help Safeway customers contribute to a cleaner and healthier planet.

We developed Bright Green in partnership with Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), a leading third-party provider of certification, auditing and testing services and standards in environmental protection and social responsibility. SCS reviewed each Bright Green product for naturally derived and biodegradable ingredients, post-consumer recycled content and energy efficiency.
I was lucky enough to receive 2 Bright Green products to test out. First up was the All Purpose Cleaner. The first thing I liked was the lemon scent. I'm partial to citrus scents in my cleaners and this one was very nice. I've tried "natural" cleaners that have strong scents that don't smell very natural. That was not the case with this though. It was subtle and very pleasant. To really put its cleaning capabilities to the test, I used it the weekend of my twins' birthday party. I'm not going to lie, my house was pretty trashed before the party. I used the Bright Green cleaner to clean my entire kitchen and it did an awesome job. Sticky spots and stains on the counter were no match for this cleaner! And when the party was all over, I broke it out ounce again to clean up the spills and cake icing that seemed to be everywhere.

I was also given the ULTRA Hand Dish Wash Liquid in Natural Lavender. I will say I am not really a fan of lavender. This is just a personal preference though and I do believe I am in the minority on that. It does also come in lemon scent which I know I would love. I also put this to the test on the big birthday weekend. I had some pretty greasy dishes piled up in my sink the day before the party that I needed to clean up. And I saved the greasiest one just for this. That would be my Green Pan that I had cooked Italian sausages in. By the time I got around to cleaning the pan, the grease had hardened on there and was pretty thick. But the Bright Green dish wash cut right through it with no problems. I was actually quite impressed with how quickly it cleaned it. Great stuff.

What is also wonderful about these Bright Green products is the price. So many natural/green products are so pricey making it hard for the average person to buy. That is not the case with Bright Green. The All Purpose cleaner retails for $3.49 and the Dish Wash for just $2.99. Very, very reasonable! In addition to cleaning products, Bright Green also has laundry products, paper goods and light bulbs! The only thing I am bummed about is there are no Safeway stores near here for me to go out and get some more. Those of you who can shop at Safeway are so lucky!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

On Sunday Luke and Joshua turned 2!

Monday, May 18, 2009

I've Been a Slacker

So I have been a major blog slacker lately and I apologize. Morning sickness has been kicking my ass for the past few weeks and so I've barely been turning on my laptop. I promise to get my act together this week and start posting great tips and products again. Thanks for sticking with me!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Ultrasound from last week at 7w6d.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Who says you need water to have fun in a pool?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mommy Wants Mother's Day Flowers

What mommy doesn't want Mother's Day flowers, right? Regardless if it is Mother's Day or just an ordinary day, I think it is safe to say that most of us love getting some beautiful flowers. I know I sure do. I was lucky enough to be able to participate in the Mommy Wants Mother's Day Flowers promotion from Columbia, Land of Flowers. Did you know that 90% of fresh-cut flowers purchased in the US come from Colombia? So chances are that if you receive any flowers this Mother's Day, that is where they came from!

Last week I received my kit to create a Mom is Tops Topiary flower arrangement. I was really excited about this because I do love flowers but I have absolutely no talent when it comes to arrangements. So this was going to be fun plus a learning experience for me.

I received a bunch of Gerbera Daisies, a mug filled with floral foam, ribbon and some moss. Thankfully I was provided with a quick how-to video which was a life safer. As I mentioned, I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to flower arrangements. That being said, I had a ton of fun with this! I didn't get fancy with my arrangement but focused on doing a good job of the basic design. It did take me a few tries to bunch the daises properly, but I think they turned out great.

Not bad for my first floral arrangement, huh? I love it! The butterfly is my personal touch. It is thought that the butterfly is the symbol of change, joy and color. That it is the symbol of the soul. For as long as I can remember I've loved butterflies and I thought it was fitting to add one here. And aren't the Gerbera Daisies gorgeous? I've always been a fan of them from a distance but this was the first time that I ever received any. They literally brightened up my house! I have the topiary on my dining room table (been there since Thursday and still looking good!) and the few I had left over I placed in a vase in my kitchen. Just having fresh flowers in the house makes me smile. They were especially nice to have over these past few overcast and rainy days.

I know in these tough economical times it may be hard to spare the money for some flowers this Mother's Day. But I think even just a few pretty flowers can go a long way to brightening that special mom's day without breaking the bank. I know they did for me!

So if you were to receive flowers this Mother's Day, what kind would you love to get? What are your favorite flowers? Get flowers by post to make any occasion special.

I Was Featured on Katydid & Kid!

I was so very honored when Kathleen at Katydid and Kid asked if I would like to be her Friday Featured Blogger. Of course I would! She posted the interview this past Friday (I'm a little late in posting this). So be sure to check it out and to stay and take a look around. She has an awesome blog and it is one of my daily must-reads!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Battle For Terra

I have only brought William to one movie in the theater and that was Wall-E last summer (which we love by the way). When I heard about the new animated film, Battle For Terra, I knew this was another movie that I want to take him too. It opens today, May 1st and I am hoping we can get to see it this weekend or next week. If you see it, please come back and tell me what you thought!

Movie Synopsis
The story takes place on Terra, a planet of tranquility and a civilization that honors nature and celebrates life. Terrians, the inhabitants of the world, float in the sky and live a peaceful agrarian life in a city of vines above the cloud layers. Mala (Evan Rachel Wood), a strong-willed and charming teenage Terrian girl, and her pal, Senn (Justin Long), cruise the skies (sharing the clouds with graceful blue whale-like creatures) in their agile soaring vehicles enjoying the freedom they presently possess.

On another planet, namely Earth, natural resources have been depleted and the environment made uninhabitable. An all out battle has been waged between Earth’s colonized neighboring planets, and the result has been catastrophic. The last known survivors of Earth now embark on a desperate mission to colonize a world which will be suitable to human life. Terra has been discovered to be Human’s last hope in the face of extinction.

With their Terraformer designed to convert an alien atmosphere to an oxygenated one suitable to habitation, the humans charge forward to conquer Terra. In the procedure, the air becomes unsuitable for the Terrians who will perish in this conversion process. When the initial invasion takes place, Mala’s father, Roven (Dennis Quaid), is taken hostage in the melee.

Desperate to rescue her father, the resourceful Mala encounters an Earth Force pilot named Jim (Luke Wilson) who crashed down on the surface. Curious about the invader, Mala harbors him in her dwelling. She also encounters Giddy (David Cross), a loveable robot like creature. Giddy is Jim’s machine counterpart and teaches Mala English.

Mala cares for Jim’s wounds and the two form a likeable bond. Forged by a deal to help get her father back, they devise a plan to help their respective peoples, and both become heroes in the process.

SinuCleanse Kids Mist Review

Isn't Spring great? Beautiful flowers, green grass and green trees. Unfortunately, along with that beauty comes seasonal allergies. I swear every year since moving to the New England countryside, my allergies have gotten worse and worse. My oldest son William also suffers from congestion. I really can't tell if it is allergies or just chronic congestion, but he gets so stuffed and he can't breathe. Due to his congestion, I would have to spray saline into William's nose on a daily basis. Now I've done it to myself and it sucks. It is gross and it burns. So I hated doing it to him but I also hated the chase down and virtual hog tie that I would have to do in order to spray his nose. It was just an awful event that would end with a clear nose but also with him crying. So when the opportunity came to review the Kids Mist system from SinuCleanse, I jumped on it!

A few facts about Kids Mist:

  • Ultra-Fine Mist For A Child's Sensitive Nose
  • 100% All-Natural Ingredients
  • No Preservatives!
  • Pre-Measured and Precise Doses
  • Anti-Back Wash Valve Prevents Re-Contamination
  • Safe for Newborns to Children 12 Years Old
The new SinuCleanse® Kids Mist™ allows parents to ease their infants' and children's nasal discomfort, congestion, allergies, sinus headaches and runny noses. Using saline to wash your child's sinuses is a proven and effective way to reduce and eliminate most sinus related problems.

Many children's s
aline and nasal spray/drop solutions contain preservatives. Often, these products claim these preservatives are not harmful to your child's sensitive nose, but further research proves otherwise. For example, Benzalkonium Chloride (BZCL) is a common preservative used in saline products, however BZCL has been proven to damage the sensitive lining of a child's nose. SinuCleanse® Kids Mist™ is proud to be 100% preservative- free!

So William and I opened the box together and he watched as I set it up (which takes 30 seconds). He was very excited to try it out because it was a new and cool looking. I gave one quick spray into the first side. He giggled and then asked me to do the other. What? Could this really be the kid I usually have to chase around the house to get saline in his nose? So I sprayed it in the other side. Then he asked me if he could do it. Sure!! He did another spray in each nostril, with my help. Just those few sprays loosened everything up and with one blow he was completely clear. It was amazing. Not only did he enjoy it, but it worked better than any other nasal spray I have used. We have been using it every night before bed for a few weeks now and he still loves it. He really enjoys being able to do it himself. At first he needed my help pushing down, but he is getting better at it.

In addition to the Kids Mist, SinuCleanse was also kind enough to send me both the Neti Pot and the Squeeze systems to try out for me. As I mentioned earlier, I suffer from Spring allergies. Add in my Pregnancy Rhinitis and things were getting pretty bad. I started using the Squeeze first and I couldn't believe what a difference it makes. It only takes about 5 minutes or less and instantly clears out everything. I use it first thing in the morning and it helps so much with congestion and post nasal drip for most of the day. The Neti Pot gives the same results, just with a different device. I know quite a few people who use a Neti Pot but the look intimidated me and I was afraid to give it a try. I'm happy to report it is not scary at all!

Both the Squeeze and Neti Pot easy to use, but I personally prefer the Squeeze. And not because of any problems but because of my lack of coordination. With the Neti Pot you need to tilt your head forward and to the side at the same time which apparently is too complex for me (rolls eyes). I am getting better with it though! Overall, I truly love all 3 of these SinuCleanse products and will be using them for a long time to come.

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