Friday, May 1, 2009

Battle For Terra

I have only brought William to one movie in the theater and that was Wall-E last summer (which we love by the way). When I heard about the new animated film, Battle For Terra, I knew this was another movie that I want to take him too. It opens today, May 1st and I am hoping we can get to see it this weekend or next week. If you see it, please come back and tell me what you thought!

Movie Synopsis
The story takes place on Terra, a planet of tranquility and a civilization that honors nature and celebrates life. Terrians, the inhabitants of the world, float in the sky and live a peaceful agrarian life in a city of vines above the cloud layers. Mala (Evan Rachel Wood), a strong-willed and charming teenage Terrian girl, and her pal, Senn (Justin Long), cruise the skies (sharing the clouds with graceful blue whale-like creatures) in their agile soaring vehicles enjoying the freedom they presently possess.

On another planet, namely Earth, natural resources have been depleted and the environment made uninhabitable. An all out battle has been waged between Earth’s colonized neighboring planets, and the result has been catastrophic. The last known survivors of Earth now embark on a desperate mission to colonize a world which will be suitable to human life. Terra has been discovered to be Human’s last hope in the face of extinction.

With their Terraformer designed to convert an alien atmosphere to an oxygenated one suitable to habitation, the humans charge forward to conquer Terra. In the procedure, the air becomes unsuitable for the Terrians who will perish in this conversion process. When the initial invasion takes place, Mala’s father, Roven (Dennis Quaid), is taken hostage in the melee.

Desperate to rescue her father, the resourceful Mala encounters an Earth Force pilot named Jim (Luke Wilson) who crashed down on the surface. Curious about the invader, Mala harbors him in her dwelling. She also encounters Giddy (David Cross), a loveable robot like creature. Giddy is Jim’s machine counterpart and teaches Mala English.

Mala cares for Jim’s wounds and the two form a likeable bond. Forged by a deal to help get her father back, they devise a plan to help their respective peoples, and both become heroes in the process.


  1. We are going to see this maybe tomorrow. It looks REALLY good though!

  2. I really hope to see this but who knows if it will come to my small town. We didn't even get Disney Earth.


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