Thursday, April 16, 2009

Zucchini Plants Have Taken Over My Kitchen Table

I did not do a "Getting Dirty" update last Thursday because there was really nothing to update on. So now that it has been 2 weeks since I last shared photos of my veggie seedlings, you'll notice that some have gotten considerably bigger. Most noticeably the zucchini, which are in the 2 far left columns. The cucumber, the next 2 columns, are right behind them.

Seriously, they are starting to take over my table and are annoying my husband. I want to move them outside but (A) we are still having super cold nights here in New England so I'm afraid they won't survive outside yet and (B) I still haven't determined where exactly I am planting them. Yes, I am a procrastinator. So that is something I will have to figure out within the next week. It would be nice if next week I could have pictures of them in the ground.

Just to refresh your memory (and mine), here is what they looked like back on March 26. That was one week after I planted them. I can't believe how much they have grown in less than a month!


  1. They look great!! My pumpkins are taking over our counter here ,and the cats are trying to eat them.

  2. They look wonderful! My carrots are still inside, I am afraid to take them out!

    You have a blog award!


  3. It's still really early to put them outside. Here, it can frost until May 15, so tell Dan to get used to it! :D What zone are you in? You can look at the farmer's almanac website and get a planting guide for your zone, based on frost dates *and* the phase of the moon! I love the almanac!

  4. I'm so jealous...I wish I had started some seedlings, but we just get crappy light in our house, since we only have windows on the north and east (we have a double house, with neighbors attached to the other side).

  5. Wow your seedlings look so awesome! My tomatoes and peppers have taken forever to come up and they're not doing well at all in the Kansas wind. Your seedlings look strong. Mine look weak. Great job. Are you using any fertilizer? I have some coffee grounds and egg shells but honestly don't know how much or when to apply...

  6. Pardon me, of course after I posted my comment about fertilizer I browsed around your blog some more and see the fertilizer you're using. :)

  7. Wow, your seedlings look great, I wish I had started some this year. Are you going to plat all of those Zuchinni plants? One or two plants is usually more than enough for a family, they produce really well. My first year I planted too many even though I read not to and I was trying to give them away to everyone I knew. I now usually plant 3 seed directly outside in case one doesn't take and I still have lots.


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