Thursday, April 2, 2009

BuyGreen, Setting Green Standards

Isn't it great that green products are becoming more mainstream? It seems like every day we have more options, which I love. However, with the increased popularity of green and eco-friendly products unfortunately also comes some green-washing. This is when companies falsely market their items as being green. Not cool, but it does happen. So when shopping, how are you to know if an item truly is eco-friendly? This is where BuyGreen comes in. BuyGreen is an online store that is making it easier for a consumer to understand why a product is considered to be green. These standards are applied to every product they sell. Here is a quick overview of the BuyGreen Standards:

"Our Green Standards: each product we sell is reviewed and rated in respect to its environmental impact. The four key areas that we look at are: 1). Source Material, 2). Manufacturing, 3). Usage, and 4). Disposal. We refer to these as the product Lifecycle. In this way, each product is rated from a 'cradle to grave' perspective.

As you look at each product on our site, you will see our rating emblem with all four Basic Lifecycle elements displayed as circles inside a box (see above). If the product meets or exceeds the minimum criteria of that element the applicable circle will be displayed in color. If it does not meet the Standard, the circle will be displayed in grey.

The Score: Additionally, we provide an overall score for each product. The score is displayed on the photo of the product, along with the four Basic Lifecycle ratings (the circles in a box above). The higher the score, the better the product's positive impact on your life, and on the environment. The scores can range between 1, meaning fewer positive 'Green' attributes, and 100 having many positive attributes. The score is an easy way for you to compare products.

An important perspective to keep in mind is that if a product is on our site, it is fundamentally better for the environment than a traditional product. So whether a product scores a 92 or 32, or meets just 1, or all 4 of our Basic Lifecycles elements, it is still a better alternative."
Isn't this so comforting? Now you know that when you shop at BuyGreen you are truly buying green products. OK, now what kind of products do they have? Well, they have a little of everything. At BuyGreen you can find clothes, personal care products, pet supplies, home decor and so much more. They also have a commercial line which includes things like office supplies and building materials. Here are a few things that have caught my eye.

UV Natural Sunscreen. These sunscreens are rated #1 by the Environmental Working Group as the safest and most effective sunscreens sold in the world! With warm and sunny weather on the way, everyone should have a chemical-free sunblock on hand. They make the one shown here for babies plus one for everyone else. All are sold at BuyGreen.

Healthy Home Starter Kit. OK, this one I am drooling over - it is loaded with great goodies! The basket includes: Epic All Purpose Cleaner, Glass & Mirror cleaner, Dish Soap and Hand Soap; A TWIST Euro clothe and sponge, one each; A TWIST Loofah and Naked sponge one each, TWIST bamboo cloth; Biobag Tall Kitchen bags; Chico re-useable shopping bag; 100% organic cotton shopping bag.

Zogoflex Dog Toys. Now we don't have a dog but I would love one someday. You know, when the kids are old enough to help care for it. These dogs toys are cute and recyclable and virtually no waste was created during manufacturing!

That was just a sampling of some things that BuyGreen carries, there are so many more cool items on their website. If you are looking looking to buy some new eco-friendly items, I highly recommend you head over to BuyGreen first. You can shop there with confidence knowing they have set a high green standard for all of the items that they sell.


  1. It's nice to know what their standards are. I've often wondered what's really eco-friendly and what's just using the label as a marketing tool. I'll definitely have to check out the Buy Green website. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Those dog toys look pretty cool! I know our dog would love to get his paws into some of those!


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