Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What Would You Do with $304 Million?

Today I was chatting with some great ladies on a mom forum about the current $304 Mega Millions jackpot and what we would do if we won that much money. Fantasizing about winning the lottery can be so fun and I think it is something everyone does at some point. So I though about what I would do with all of that money. The first few things that came to my mind were the pretty practical ideas of paying off debt, paying off our mortgage, giving money to our families and donating to our favorite charities. I would also love to build an eco-friendly/sustainable house for us to move into, one where I wouldn't have to have 3 kids sharing a room. (Insanity!) Our current home I would fix up a bit and give it to a family in need.

Then I started getting a little more adventurous and thought how wonderful it would be to travel to Europe. I have already been to Italy but I would absolutely LOVE to visit Spain! Spain is someplace I have always wanted to go. Of course I haven't read or spoken a word of Spanish since high school, so I would need a Spanish tutor to help me sharpen my skills before the trip. Then I could put those four years of Spanish classes to good use! After Spain we would head over to Italy because I just love it so. Yes I can practically taste the Tiramisu Gelato right now. Next can be France and England and on and on. Of course my husband will also want to visit every Masonic building in every country as well. Yes, this summer my family and I will travel all over Europe. What an amazing experience that would be for all of us. I guess I should go buy a lottery ticket tomorrow.

So what would you do with $304 million?


  1. I'd buy a reasonable house in an ideal location. creat college accounts for all three boys, but a few reasonable but fun cars, furnish my home and hire an organizer to put everything away. buy myself a decent wardrobe including nice shoes that fit. furnish the outside perfectly for our family. go on a few trips we've been dreaming of and buy the toys I wanted. then i'd help my friends and family out and donate a bunch. and finally i'd invest enough to be able to live off the interest

  2. I want a larger home, not HUGE just bigger with more land where I can have a gigantic garden some fruit trees and lots of pets.

  3. Omg, I would change the world!

    I'd just build and build and build, and do philantrophic work all the time.


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