Thursday, March 3, 2011

Save 70% at

If you are dying for a date night with your spouse you need to take advantage of this special offer. From March 3 - 8, 2011 you can save up to 70% on gift certificates to your favorite local restaurants by using code FORK.

I also learned something new about today. Once you go in and select your area, you can then narrow down your results to restaurants offering organic menu options! How cool is that?  For my Connecticut friends, here are a few restaurants that are listed as having organic options.

La Zingara Ristorante, Bethel
$25 gift certificate for $15 plus 70% off = $4.50!

Epernay Bistro, Bridegport
$25 gift certificate for $15 plus 70% off = $4.50!

At The Corner, Litchfield
$25 gift certificate for $15 plus 70% off = $4.50!

Aloi Restaurant, New Canaan
$25 gift certificate for $10 plus 70% off = $3.00!

Telluride, Stamford
$25 gift certificate for $15 plus 70% off = $4.50!

There are plenty more Connecticut restaurants on there not to mention others all over the country. Please keep in mind that many restaurants have a minimum purchase so be sure to check that out before you order a certificate.

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