Sunday, March 27, 2011

5 Phases Shatter Resistant Glass Baby Bottles

BPA and phthalates are toxic chemicals that we want to keep far, far away from our babies, kids and ourselves. They can be found is plastics like food storage containers and bottles and can leach into the food or drinks we consume. Many baby bottles are now manufactured without these toxins, and will indicate it on their packaging, but who's to say that we wont discover another toxic chemical in plastics a year from now? Your safest choice to avoid possible chemical exposure are glass baby bottles.

Since I only use bottles on rare occasions I don't have any experience with glass ones. I opted for a few "safe plastic" bottles over glass because I was afraid of glass bottles breaking. The new 5 Phases Shatter Resistant Glass Baby Bottles eliminate that fear.

The unique design of the 5 Phases Glass Baby Bottle helps to make them shatter resistant. The glass insert sits inside a plastic sleeve which gives it that extra cushioning from drops and spills. If by chance you do have a bottle shatter, it is contained inside the sleeve instead of having glass all over the floor or ground. All pieces are BPA, PVS and phthalate free and are dishwasher safe.

5 Phases was started by mompreneur Christine, a mother of two. Her son was born with a birth defect which is what motivated her to create a safe, toxin-free baby bottle. I encourage you to read her inspiring story of how her family found natural treatments to help her son.

All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own. I was NOT compensated for this post nor did I receive a product sample. I was simply inspired by this mom's story and wanted to share it with my readers.


  1. I wanted to use glass bottles with Shae but feared the same thing. Breaking them. I wish I would have know about these 3 years ago!

  2. This is SUCH a wonderful blessing for new parents!


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