Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How Soda Affects Your Health

Yesterday I downloaded the StumbleUpon app for my iPhone - not sure why I hadn't done it sooner! While I was playing around with it and stumbling I came across this informative diagram on the health impacts of drinking soda. It has several important talking points that everyone should know - like how for each additional soda consumed your risk of obesity increases by 1.6%!

I am happy to say that we are not soda drinkers and we will teach our boys that soda is not a healthy choice. In fact last week they had a dental health day at school and my 6 year old came home and told me how bad soda is for your teeth and that it is not healthy.

I know how hard it is to give up soda, or anything for that matter. Up until my senior year in high school I was a soda drinker. But I made a choice to stop during that year and let me tell you I instantly saw a change in my weight. I encourage you to take a look at this and at maybe try and cut back your soft drink consumption and maybe eventually you can work towards no soda at all. Even if you cut back from 2 glasses a day to 1, I think that is a huge improvement and a leap in the right direction.

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Harmful Soda
Image courtesy of TermLifeInsurance.org


  1. OMG don't tell me this. I'm ADDICTED to my one coke a day. And yes, I have bad teeth, I'm obese and I probably have a lot of other issues. No issue getting pregnant though, blow in my ear and I have a baby.


  2. I'm not typically a soda drinker, a ginger ale or Dr Pepper or root beer once in a while as a treat is as far as it goes. Thankfully I've raised my kids to stay away from it too.

  3. I gave it up except for a rare trip to eat out. But I didn't see any change in weight boo

  4. I'm a HUGE soda drinker. It's all diet but I know that's bad too, maybe even worse. One day I'll give it up but right now it's my best friend.

  5. Have you seen the info that supports a link between soda and pancreatic cancer?!

  6. We don't drink soda here anymore, ever.

    I'm a big water drinker…I can't wait to start downloading some of these apps. I love the ones you posted yesterday.


  7. We're not big soda drinkers either, once in a blue moon, we never have it in our home unless we have guests.

  8. You will have to pry my Diet Coke out of my cold, dead hand. hehehe ;)

  9. I read this as I am chugging an ice cold Coke, sigh!

  10. We drink water. Occassionally sweet tea (homemade) and occassional we'll make our own soda. I don't believe that sugar is bad, but that for the most part it should be avoided.

  11. I am living proof that soda is harmful to your teeth. Right now my mouth resembles that of a jack-o-lantern. In less than two weeks all of my top teeth will be ripped out and replaced with false ones. Other factors are the reason for it, but soda is the main one. I used to be a huuuuge Mt. Dew drinker. I gave it up almost a year ago. I had severe headaches and withdrawal but got through it.
    I admit, I still drink soda. Pepsi to be exact. But I'm trying my best to limit how much I consume.


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