Monday, March 28, 2011

Playful Planet Storyland Yoga DVD Review

Yoga is always something I have been interested in but never really learned to do. My only experience with yoga is my few attempts with our Wii Fit, and it was quite pathetic. Always in search of some rainy day activities to keep both myself and the boys moving, the Storyland Yoga DVD by Playful Planet caught my attention.

"A wonderful way for families to enjoy “organic” time together, the video connects kids and nature while providing them with the benefits of yoga: health, clarity, and calmness."

I really liked the idea of yoga for kids because it would be something that I could do with my children plus it would be easy for me as well since I am yoga challenged. Storyland Yoga also has an environmental aspect about it as it teaches about endangered animals. There are two stories to choose from, Condor Trek and Save the Whale, and in these adventures children do easy yoga poses while helping the animals.

My boys were very excited to give this a try. We cleaned up the toys in the family room and got to it. First we did the Save the Whale story. Yoga instructor Ahmed Fahmy is setup on a beautiful beach and he leads you on an adventure to save a beached whale. My kids had a blast paddling on their imaginary surfboards, avoiding sharks and eventually pushing the whale back into the ocean. There was a whole lot of giggling coming from the 3 year old so I knew he was having a good time. When it was over, they asked to do the second story as well, Condor Trek. In this story, Fahmy takes you on an adventure through the forest to return some lost Condor eggs to their mother. Along the way you meet up with a wolf, bear and other forest animals.

Riding bicycles during the Condor Trek.


Now my youngest is only 15 months so he didn't participate, but my 6 year old and 3 year olds loved it. Every day since we first did this they have asked me to do it again. I think it is the perfect activity for days when the weather keeps you in the house. Because it is fun and relaxing with some exercise mixed in, it can also be something you incorporate into your daily routines. This is definitely a big hit in our house.

Storyland Yoga is recommended for children 3 - 8. It is also fun for parents to get down on the floor and participate with their kids.

The Playful Planet Storyland Yoga DVD is available at for $14.99.

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  1. I LOVE yoga -- I just ordered/received a prenatal yoga dvd and can't wait to try it today when the kids sleep. I really like the idea of the Playful Planet dvd -- this is the first time I've seen a yoga dvd for kiddos.

  2. It passes the test if they're asking to do it again and again!

  3. Umm, yoga is dangerous, it itself is very bad. It has to do with mysticism. Be very careful . . .

  4. those pics of your kids is so cute! This would make a great gift for my cousin, thanks!

  5. Just like gymnastics for toddlers, yoga for kids is a great recreational activities for them. It's new and it would still much interest to a lot of toddlers.


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