Tuesday, March 8, 2011

NYC Organic Gardening with City Hydroponics

Did you ever wonder how someone could grow their own organic garden while living in an apartment in the city? Of course many city residents will set up planters on their balconies in order to do their gardening. I recently learned that you can actually grow a garden inside your apartment with hydroponics. City Hydroponic offers solutions for apartment dwellers who want to grow their own fresh, organic food in limited space. Hydroponics gardening uses no soil, requires a lot less room and uses between 70% to 90% less water. You can also choose an aeroponic system, which is a form of hydroponic gardening that uses a frame so that the roots can grow downward and dangle in humid air. City Hydroponic does not just sell hydroponic supplies. They want to build a strong, supportive community of urban gardeners so they also hold a monthly workshop series to teach you everything you need to know about hydroponic gardening. I honestly had no idea you could grow plants, never mind fruit and vegetable plants, without using any soil. These sound like awesome solutions for those who want to have their own garden but are really tight on space. I would love to see a hydroponic garden in action someday, it sounds very cool.

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