Monday, October 31, 2011

Lands' End Fair Isle Button Hat & Gloves Review

Living in Connecticut we can have some pretty cold winters. Brutal even. Just this past weekend we had a HUGE snow storm and it is only October! To keep my family warm I like to buy quality outerwear that will last for multiple seasons. That's why I love Lands End products. I know with Lands' End that what I buy for myself and my husband will last us many many years. And the items I buy for my kids will also last and I'll be able to pass them down to the next child. This winter my toddler is wearing a Lands' End snowsuit that was previously worn by two of his brothers, and it still looks new!

"Lands’ End is committed to quality and designing Outerwear for the entire family that will last season after season. This year, the Lands’ End Outerwear collection features fashionable and functional down vests, coats, jackets and parkas, as well as stylish Luxe Wool coats and our famous Squall Jacket and Parka."

I was sent a set of Fair Isle Button Gloves and Hat from Lands' End. It is so rare that I actually get something for myself so I was excited to add these cute outerwear accessories to my wardrobe. Last week it was chilly enough for me to bundle up and wear these out on my date night to Starbuck's with my sister-in-law.

Modeling my hat and gloves at Starbuck's.
The material is so soft and is made of  a blend of 55% cotton, 25% nylon and 20% wool. When you see the word wool you may immediately think that equals itchy. I normally avoid wool apparel for this reason. However there is no wooly itch with either the hat or gloves. The hat fits nicely and came down over my ears to keep them warm. I didn't have a hood on my coat but you should easily be able to get a hood over this hat. It is not big and bulky at all.

I asked for a size medium in the Fair Isle Button Gloves which was a perfect fit for me. The gloves are extra long and come up past your wrist and onto your forearm. This gives you protection from that gap that often occurs between the sleeve of your coat and the beginning of your gloves. No chilly draft is going to make your wrists cold when you are wearing these gloves.

My favorite feature of both these items is the pattern. All of my coats and parkas are black, which can be a bit bland for the eye. I like the color and design of these because its gives some life to my otherwise boring outerwear attire. The buttons are a really cute touch that give them even more character. I am excited for the Lands' End parka that my mother is getting me fro Christmas to arrive so I can my wear my Fair Isle Button Gloves and Hat with it. And yes, the parka is black.

Fair Isle Button Hat retails for $29.50 and the Fair Isle Button Gloves retails for $39.50. The gloves are currently on sale for $27.65.

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