Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 2011 Snowstorm Hits Connecticut

As I am sure every one has seen, the Northeast was crippled by a huge snowstorm over the weekend. Over in our part of Connecticut, it started around 12:30 pm on Saturday, October 29 and we quickly realized that the snow was piling up fast. My husband had taken my son to a birthday party just 15 minutes away. When they left the party to return home, it took them an hour to get back. The roads were a mess and since we live on top of a mountain, that made it even more difficult.

We lost power Saturday night just after 8:00 pm. When we woke up Sunday morning, the beautiful blue sky gave no indication of what happened the day before. There was about 18 inches of snow covering the ground. Our road was still not plowed which we later learned was because there were trees down at the entrance blocking it. A man that lived on the main road was nice enough to come out and cut the tree up himself, so people on our street could try to get out and plows could get in. One of our neighbors had a tree land on their house and come crashing in through their kitchen window.

We were fortunate that our house wasn't damaged. But with no alternative heat source, I packed up the kids and headed out to my mother-in-law's while hubby stayed behind to keep an eye on the house. We turned off our street and were greeted with downed trees and power lines one after another.

Here are some pictures from about maybe 3 or 4 hours into the storm. I should have taken pictures of the aftermath, but I was freaking out trying to get clothes and food packed to leave.

My two favorite trees in our yard. A Dogwood on the left and a Japanese Maple on the right. The next morning all the branches were touching the ground from the weight of the snow. A big section snapped off of the Japanese Maple. Hubby shook the snow off to relieve the weight but I don't know if they will recover.

Snow covered trees in our backyard. One did lose a huge branch in the storm, but luckily it fell in the grass and not on the house.

Just a few hours in, about 3 inches of snow covers our back deck.

Our front yard during the storm. At this point the snowflakes were huge. The tree that is slightly leaning to the left had 3 huge branches snap, but they didn't fall off. They are just dangling from the tree, so we'll need to find a way to get them down. I worry about them falling on someone.

As soon as the first snowflake felt, the boys were asking to go out and play in the snow. This was at about 4:00pm on Saturday. This was the little man's first time playing in the snow and he went crazy for it.

It looks so pretty, but to me snow is is pure evil. What started out pretty ended in disaster for so many people. As I sit here and write this on Tuesday morning, the power is still out and Connecticut Light & Power is not giving anyone an estimate of when their power will be back. I would just like to know when thy think it will be back so I know how long I will be away from home. Schools were closed in our town for Monday and Tuesday. I am willing to bet that with 48% of town still without power, that they will be closed on Wednesday as well. Between this storm and Irene, the kids are going to already have extra days added onto the school year. And it isn't even Winter yet.

I am thankful for wonderful family who took us in on short notice. It is not like I come with just one or two kids. There are four of them and we quickly take over any house we are at. And despite it all, they had a wonderful time trick-or-treating with all of their cousins last night. Which is at least one bright spot in this pretty crummy week.

Were you in this storm's path? How did you make out? Did you lose power?


  1. I just can't believe it! Snowtober already? Stay warm!

  2. Someone is to blame for the state of unpreparedness.

  3. Is your power back yet? Ours was out Saturday to Saturday. What a mess! This is an experience I hope will never happen again. Thank goodness for the kindness of friends and family! Stay warm!

  4. I'm in Southwestern Ontario, where we would normally be buried in snow right now, but there is only a slight dusting on the ground.


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