Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stuff Like This Only Happens at Walmart

Every winter when the snow starts to fall, our four boys are dancing around the door demanding to go out and play. And every year my poor husband puts on sweatpants and then track pants and heads out into the snow with them. Since that combination isn't waterproof at all, the poor man is soaked within minutes. On top of that, he only has old duck boots that don't offer all that much protection from the snow.  But he toughs it out because he loves to play in the snow with them.

A few weeks ago I mentioned to him that I should get him snow boots and a snow bib as an early Christmas present. He immediately became excited by the idea of not having to freeze his you know what off while out in the snow for hours. Walmart had both at really low prices so last week I finally ordered them. On Saturday the box arrived and he ripped it open to try on his new goodies. He lifted the boots out of the box and I said "Wow, those look huge." And then we noticed something.

Do you notice that the boot on the bottom seems longer than the boot on the top? The tag on the boots says 10, which is what I ordered, but something is definitely off here. So he flips over the boots to look at the size on the bottom and we figure out what the problem is.

Yes, that would be one size 10 and one size 11 boot, factory packaged together. Brilliant. I swear stuff like this only happens with Walmart. The entire point of me ordering things online is to avoid actually having to go to Walmart. Now I had to drive over there to return it. A return that took 15 minutes because no one knew how to do a return for an online purchase, even though I brought my special return slip. And since our Walmart doesn't carry these in the store, after I returned them and got my store credit, I came back home and ordered them online. Again. I just hope we don't get two different sizes again.

What weird things have happened with items you have purchased at Walmart?


  1. Oh man I hate when something like that happens. I haven't purchased anything weird at Walmart but heard once that the store I worked at in the past took back a box of rocks withouth checking it as a returned dvd players.

  2. I refuse to shop at Walmart to begin with, but man, that would be so frustrating!


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