Tuesday, October 25, 2011

SignUpGenius: Helping You Create Group Sign Up Lists

If you are a parent of a child that plays sports then you are most likely familiar with snack sign up lists. My boys play soccer in the fall through our town's parks and recreations and snack sign up is my least favorite part. Mainly because people are bringing junk like Cheetos and Capri Sun for kids to eat and drink and I won't let my kids consume such things. (Yes I am evil. Their bodies will thank me for it). But what is also frustrating is getting everyone to sign up for their week to bring snacks and then getting them to actually remember it. Last year my husband volunteered
as the coach which inevitably put me in charge of the list. I did manage to get everyone to sign up, but unfortunately on more than one occasion they either forgot snacks or were a no-show.

Whether you need to organize your team's snack list, put together a pot-luck dinner, maintain a volunteer sign-up sheet or many other types of lists, SignUpGenius.com is the tool to help you get it done. SignUpGenius is a FREE online tool for creating and managing group sign up lists that allows users to customize sign ups to organize people, coordinate events or collect items. No more chasing after people with a pencil and paper begging them to sign up.

Getting started is pretty easy. You will need to create an account, as will anyone who will be adding their name to your list, but that takes just a minute to do. To create your sign up list, you are taken through a wizard where you will enter in all of the details like the name and description, dates and food/items to bring. You will also be able to choose from one of SignUpGenius's many themes to make your final list look pretty.

Soccer snack sign up example. I love that they put the bit about healthy snacks on there. Awesome!
Once you finish and save, you are given a unique link to your sign up that you can then email to invitees or publish on a separate website. The invitees just sign in to SignUpGenius and then indicate what it is they are bringing. One of my favorite features is that it sends automated email reminders in advance of a sign up date to each volunteer. Now you don't have to worry about people forgetting or making 20 phone calls the day before the event.

My husband is also a member of a fraternal organization in town and they often do potluck dinners or need members to volunteer to work an event. The problem that they run into time and time again is lack of organization and not having members sign up for certain tasks. This results in people not bringing enough food to the potlucks and no one helping out at the important events. Since all of the members have e-mail addresses, SignUpGenius could really help them get their events organized and running smoother.

Potluck Dinner sign up I created.
To test it out I created a Potluck Dinner sign up, which took me less than five minutes to put together. I emailed out the link and then signed up to bring a dish myself. Everything about this was simple and easy to use. Whether for your church group, sports team, volunteer organization, etc., SignUpGenius will help you to create fast, paperless sign up lists that everyone can easily use. This almost makes me want to tell  my husband to volunteer to be coach again next year, just so I can use this list to get everyone to participate in bring snacks for the kids. Almost.

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  1. This is brilliant! You have no idea how many snack lists I have to keep track of - and I only have one kid in activies! :) Thanks!


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