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Crystal Body Deodorant Roll On Review #CrystalRollOn #CBias

For the past 4 years I have been using an all natural deodorant and I have been pretty happy with it. The chemicals found in traditional deodorants have been linked to breast cancer and I try my best to avoid toxic chemicals at all costs. My only problem, like with many of the natural products I use, is I have to order it online. Well, the natural food store in town might carry it, but that store is so expensive. So I wait for free shipping codes and find it for less online. I recently learned that Walmart now carries natural deodorants and I must admit I was surprised. They do have a small natural beauty section which is a great start, but I never saw deodorant there. With my current deodorant running low I thought it would be a good time to swap it out and try a new natural brand.

Once the 3 older boys were off to school, I grabbed my toddler and we headed out to Walmart. You can view a slideshow of my entire Walmart shopping trip.

I found their selection of natural deodorants on the top shelf of the deodorant aisle. I was there looking for the Crystal Body Deodorant, the purple bottle on the right. It was pretty reasonably priced at $3.48 plus they have a $1 coupon if you sign up with your email address on their website. A very good price for a natural product.

The Swap

The deodorant that I have been using these past 4 years is Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal, pictured on the left (pink). I have been using the solid crystal form which requires you to wet it before applying and then you dry it when you are done. Like I said it has worked well, though the extra step of adding water can be a pain sometimes. So I was anxious to swap it out for the Crystal Body Deodorant Roll-On because it would eliminate that step. As a mom of 4, shaving even just a few seconds off my getting ready time is a huge help. Plus, I'm lazy.

Old deodorant - solid crystal stick.

New deodorant - liquid roll-on.

The Result

So the important question now is how does it work? It goes on very easily: just give it a little squeeze and roll it around. With natural deodorants it is very important to cover the entire area well. In my experience if you miss a spot, the results could be rather stinky. In fact, this happened the first day I used this last week. I was in a rush, big surprise, so I was sloppy in my application and I had one not so pleasant smelling arm pit later in the day. Yet the other side was fine which tells me I didn't put it on right. The second day I used Crystal Deodorant it was 85 degrees here in Connecticut. In October. It was rather insane but made for a good day to test out deodorant. We went to a harvest festival in town and chasing four kids around left me pretty sweaty. However, since I applied it correctly this time, there were no bad smells. I have been using this for six days straight now and I am very happy with the results.

The ingredients.

As you can see there are only three ingredients in here. No aluminums, chemicals, fragrances or other yucky stuff that shouldn't be anywhere near your body. Since this is a clear liquid, it goes on clear and dries clear which means no gross residue is left behind on your clothing.

In comparing it to my previous deodorant I can't say that it works any better or worse, I think they are pretty comparable in their results. However, the Crystal Deodorant Roll On is definitely much easier to use which makes it a big winner in my book. And since I am able to buy it locally at Walmart I can say that I will definitely be making this a permanent switch.

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  1. I've been wanting to try out an all-natural deodorant for a while now. I didn't realize they sold them at Walmart for so cheap! This is a must try, for sure!

    I also love the $1 off coupon! ;)

  2. I like that the product is low in chemicals so may of our products today are loaded

  3. Thank you for such a detailed review! I have always wondered about crystal and natural deoderants. I wasn't sure if they actually worked. This sounds like it does and it isn't that expensive either. I like the $1 off coupon too. Thanks!

  4. What a great review. I normally stick to the same brand, but yet to ever use a roll-on. I am a "stick" kind of girl, lol.

  5. I love using an all natural deodorant (I've been using body shop's) - I do love that they sell it at walmart - no special trip to the mall!

  6. I use Tom's deodorant, BUT it is so expensive! I'm definitely going to try the Crystal Body Deodorant Roll-On! Thanks for sharing!

  7. you know, i use mens deodorant..i find its the only thing that actually works and doesnt have an overwhelming smell of baby power

  8. Hmmmm I may have to try that. I love roll ons.

  9. I am glad the switch went well for you! It can be hard to switch products sometimes...

  10. I would love to have an all-natural deoderant like this. I hate those gooey white sticks.

  11. This sounds like a great deodorant. I'll have to give it a try.

  12. That's pretty awesome - I always assumed that natural deodorants didn't work, so I have never tried them. I will have to check this out!


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