Saturday, October 1, 2011

Recycle Your Old Cell Phone for Cash

If you are a parent of young children, I am willing to bet you have at least one old cell phone sitting in your house somewhere that you passed down to your child for them to play with. Off the top of my head I can think of three in my home, and maybe more. Did you know that you could take those old cell phones and sell them for some cash? The good people over at put together this infographic about how many cell phones get thrown in the trash or stored away every y ear.

From report “Tackling High-Tech Trash: The E-waste Explosion & What We Can Do About It,” by Demos policy center, 2011:

• In 2008, the United States generated more than 3 million tons of e-waste. About 85 percent of this equipment ended up in landfills. Only about 18 percent of the years discarded computers and televisions-and only 10 percent of used cell phones- were recycled.
• Many electronics contain valuable and precious materials (copper, silver, gold, platinum, and increasingly important so-called rare earth minerals, among them.).
• The U.S Geological Survey has calculated that more gold could be extracted from a metric ton of used circuit boards than could be extracted from 17 metric tons of gold ore.

Instead of hoarding those old cellphones, you can visit to sell them and put some money back into your pocket. uSell is the only website that finds and compares cash offers on used electronics for you so you can get the most for your cellphone. Not to mention feel good about keeping just one more electronic gadget out of a landfill and recycling those precious metals.

So how may old cellphones do you have laying around your house? 


  1. I probably have 4 - at least. I need to round them up. I also have several old laptops/radios/etc that don't work - need to find a local recycling place!

  2. I have about 4-5 that my son plays with. Thanks for the post, I will look into recycling them!

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  4. I usually donate mine to battered women's shelters.

  5. I think I have an old cell phone laying around. I gotta go find it!

  6. I have 2 laying around but I always wondered about my #'s stored in there. I don't want anyone's private number out there because of me so I hang on to them

  7. New models of cell phones are being released from time to time and consumers are left with the dilemma of properly disposing their old or broken mobile phones. Being eco-friendly cannot be shown in just one kind of gesture but in so many ways integrated with our lifestyles.

  8. Recycling of old cell phones is very important!The impact of the mobile phones on human health and the environment is very cruel. The toxic materials released from the in the landfills may contaminate the soil and the underground water. All unused are sent to the EPA-certified partners, they recycle them without causing any harm to the environment.


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