Thursday, October 6, 2011

Designer Glasses for Less at

I got my first pair of glasses when I was in tenth grade. I have slight near sightedness and I am supposed to wear them for driving, watching TV, movie theaters, sporting events, etc. I have gone through several pairs of glasses over the years but my prescription never really changed much. Then I went ahead and had four kids and apparently something changed. Two years I went to a local, chain to have an eye exam and get a new pair of glasses. They lured me in with a coupon for $99 frames. During my exam I learned that my eyes had changed and I now have an astigmatism. The doctor told me that this can happen during pregnancy and sometimes it reveres and sometimes it doesn't.

So I went back out to pick out my new frames. Like I said I had a coupon plus my insurance was covering $100 so I wasn't expecting my out of pocket cost to be too bad. Well I was wrong. I sit down to pay and even after the coupon and insurance I still had to pay $380 for my frames and lenses. Little did I know that lenses for astigmatism cost more. After that day I vowed never again to set foot in there or really any other eyeglass store again. There are so many alternative options these days like buying glasses online. offers a selection of designer eyeglasses as well as men's and women's sunglasses. There is no bait and switch here - the prices you see listed include the lenses. Just to be sure, I hopped onto their live chat for clarification. I wanted to make sure there wouldn't be any additional fees for astigmatism lenses. The associate was very helpful and informed  me that only offers single vision lenses at this time so as long as my prescription was for single vision and not bifocal or multifocal (which it is not) then I was fine. No additional costs for my astigmatism. Yay! So that means I could get a pair of fashionable Jones New York frames with my lenses for $235. That is about half of what I paid for my non-designer glasses two years ago. If that is too high, you can find women's eyeglasses for as low as $89 and women's sunglasses as low as $44.

Wearing Jones New York J458
Shopping for and ordering your eyeglasses online is pretty simple. You will need to call your doctor and have them send you a copy of your prescription, which they are required to do by law if you request it. You will enter in the prescription details during the checkout process. Are you wondering how you are supposed to know what the glasses will look like on you? There is a "Virtual Try-On" feature that lets you upload a picture of yourself. It even detected that my head was tilted in my picture and adjusts the glasses accordingly.

This is definitely the route I am going when ordering my next pair of eyeglasses. It is fast, easy and even a little bit fun. Plus there is no way I am going to be bamboozled by a local store again.

Have you ordered eyeglasses online before? How was your experience?


  1. Shopping online for glasses is much better than actually going to a local store for me too. I can virtually try on as many glasses as I want in the comfort of my own home without being pressured by a sales person. I don't have to feel rushed and get a much better deal.

  2. You look great in those glasses!

  3. I've worn glasses since I was about 6 but I've never ordered them online before - I'll have to check them out!

  4. Those look great on you! I love that you can save so much money shopping online for glasses, glasses get pretty pricey.

  5. Ok, I'm a nerd. when I was 14, I got fake glasses for Christmas ... and I was ECSTATIC.

    Then, when I was 22 ... I purchased another set of fake glasses.

    I can't wait for my eyes to fail so I can get "real ones."

    (this is all, sadly, true)

    Love the virtual "try-on" option -- those look so good on you!

  6. I've had good experiences and bad experiences with ordering glasses online. is good though!


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