Wednesday, June 22, 2011

When Nature Calls

These past 4 or 5 days have been really lovely in Connecticut. Bright sunny days but not too hot or humid. So that means our boys have been spending a lot of time outside.

{mommy does happy dance}

It has been great. While they run around having fun and getting out all of that little boy energy, I can sit on the deck with the little dude and keep an eye on them. I just finished up potty training the twins, who turned 4 in May, and they have been really good about making sure to go potty before they go out and coming in when they need to go again. Then the other day I am making dinner and going back and forth from the kitchen to the deck to check on them. I glance out at them and there in the middle of my backyard is one of the twins with his pants down.

"What are you doing!?!"
"I'm peeing mommy!"

It's not even like he was doing it behind a tree or off near the woods line. Nope, right out in the open of the yard for all of our neighbors to see. Lovely. I have no idea what made him think to do this. So I just explained to him that next time he needs to come in and use the bathroom to pee.

Later that evening when my husband got home I told him the story and we had a good chuckle. And then he said he thinks it is OK for them to pee off into the woods in if they need to. Really? I am kind of torn on this. On one hand it would be nice if they didn't track dirt through my house every time they have to pee. Oh and hey, it saves water! But on the other hand do I really want to teach my 6 and 4 year olds that it is OK to pee outside? I mean in an emergency, sure, but in every day outside play? I don't know. I keep envisioning the kid from Adam Sandler's movie Big Daddy peeing on the side of buildings and in the middle of Central Park.

What do you think? Would you or do you let your boys pee outside?


  1. Oh goodness!!! My mother in law lets my kids pee just about anywhere. It makes me insane. She calls it "watering the flowers" and I get that when my husband was growing up they lived on a farm in the middle of nowhere. However WE ALL live in neighborhoods with houses on top of one another so everyone is privy to the pee pee. So eh...I'm also torn I guess. It just depends on the location I guess.


  2. Personally Im not ok with it. Just the other day I sternly talked to the neighbor kid for running through the backyards and then stopping to pee and then continuing on, anyone, I was, could have been looking out the window including my two little girls. Not to mention there is no hand washing involved.

    About a week after this incident I found out where he got it from. I had gone into the backyard to water my flowers when this 35-40 year old man comes sauntering around the corner of the neighbors place. He goes up to her back wall and just lets loose! Seriously and he really had to pee bc he was there for like 5 minutes! I know my neighbor has a bathroom, I believe this is her brother. Unreal. This is where all of the kids are usually playing and non of my neighbors has a bedtime like we do so the kids could have popped out into the backyard at any time!

    Two comments overheard by my neighbor, I dont know why she thinks because the windows are closed and she is outside no one can hear her
    "Gregory (who is 9) get me a beer!"
    "Gregory dont let that ball hit my flowers! Go play in the road!"

  3. Well, we are dealing with this too. My husband thinks it's ok to just take my 3 year old over to a corner of the yard and pee - we don't even have the woods! I don't think it's ok to do it right in the backyard when he's just too lazy to come inside. (he meaning my husband with my little boy)IF we lived where you do and they went to the woods...I think it would be ok. I think! HAHA!! Hard call!

  4. I have both a son and a daughter. They are adults now but I didn't let my son pee outside even though we lived in the country. I figured that if my daughter had to come inside to use the bathroom, he could, too. Emergencies are one thing but otherwise I just find it tacky.

  5. I am so glad you all left me your thoughts on this. Thank you! I agree that it is tacky and lazy and I don't see why they can't just walk their little bottoms into the house to go. But see my husband who may have some OCD tendencies doesn't seem bothered by it so that through me for a loop. I thought maybe I was over reacting. In emergencies I don't care if they run over to the woods and go, but I don't want them to make a habit of it.

  6. I let my boys pee in the backyard. We are fenced and it helped with potty training, really. Because it let them have control of their urge without having an accident. My oldest doesn't need to pee on the spot outside anymore, he runs inside. And my youngest is good also. Now if a random kid peed in my yard (front or back) I'd be annoyed.

    I think the fact that the husbands think it's okay and the moms don't says something. Boys are just different than girls and I think moms have to go with the flow (no pun intended).

  7. Hahaha thankfully I am a mom of 2 girls, so I dont think I will ever have this issue, but I too am against it. I like to think we are more civilized than this in America. I also do not think it is appropriate to teach a boy he can just whip it out whenever he feels the need. There is something to be said about keeping ALL of those bodily functions contained to the bathroom.

  8. I wouldn't have a problem with this if it was a little kid. But when they get older, yeah, they need to pee inside.

  9. My son did this when he was like 3-4 yrs. old and he was playing in the back yard. I told him at the time that he should come in to go, as the yard is fenced but not privacy fencing. Well I caught him doing it a few more times but he eventually grew out of it. I think if the child is little, like less than 5, don't make a big fuss about it. By the time they go to school, yes they definately need to use the restroom to go.


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