Thursday, June 23, 2011

Choosing the Perfect Rings

Even though it feels like it was forever ago, I still remember what fun my husband and I had picking out my engagement ring and our wedding bands. Way we before we even got engaged we went on one of those jewelry websites that lets you design your ring. Yeah what young woman doesn't love playing around with diamond cuts and settings? I think I was on that site for hours. Maybe even days. When I was done I had designed a lovely platinum engagement ring and unknown to me my future husband saved it and brought it to our jeweler to have it made. I was very surprised when he proposed to me at Disney World. At the Star Wars ride. But that is an entirely different post.

We had a fairly long engagement of about 18 months. As the wedding grew closer it was time to head back to the jeweler to pick out our wedding bands. Yay - more jewelry shopping! Due to the unique design of my engagement ring we had to have a special wedding band designed as well so that the two would fit together nicely. You can kind of see in my picture how they lock together like puzzle pieces. My groom knew that he wanted a solid band of decent thickness but we debated a little bit about the type of metal. Should he get platinum like mine or white gold since it was so much cheaper? I feel like if we were doing this now it would be even harder. It seems like there are all of a sudden more choices for men's bands. Besides the basics of white and yellow gold and platinum, now you also have titanium, tungsten wedding rings and even black tungsten rings. There may even be more options out there for all I know!

After wavering back and forth for a bit he ultimately decided on platinum and I am glad he did as it has held up nicely. If we had to do it all over again, I don't think we would change a thing.

How did you and yours choose your wedding rings? Do they coordinate with each other? Do you still love them today as much as you did the day you chose them.


  1. That is so sweet you got to make your own wedding rings.

    My husband picked mine out without me knowing. After having dated only a few months, I was shocked that he knew me so well. The only thing I would have changed was the cut of the diamond, but everything else was just perfect.

  2. I had to pick out the rings with my exhusband - mostly because the man had absolutely ZERO sense when it came to stuff like that. (in hindsight I should have taken that as a SIGN!) I do hope to be surprised with a ring soon from my amazing hunny who I have been with for nearly 3 years now. I am sure he will have fantastic taste, and I can not wait to see what he chooses!! :D

  3. That is cool…my husband picked mine out and never asked my opinion. I love them, but I would have liked a wedding ring with a different design.

  4. We picked ours out together, but my hubby's is just a plain gold ban. There really are so many more choices out there for men, especially.

  5. Love your ring!

    I think Drew's ring is black and gold color tungsten. He beats the crap out of it and it's still perfect looking!


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