Friday, June 3, 2011

Green Giveaway Friday 6/3

Happy first Friday of June! lol. We've kind of had a crazy weather week here that started off super hot and humid near 90 and as I sit here typing this Thursday night its on it way down to the 40s. So strange. Now on to the giveaways!

As usual, please add both your green and non-green giveaways and contests into Mr. Linky below so we can do some blog hoppin! Be sure to include the expiration date. Thanks!

You can also submit your green giveaways to me during the week for me to feature on Fridays.

The Celebrity Cafe
Natures Paradise PiƱa Colada Body Line 6/30

Family Focus Blog
Organic Insect Repellent 6/14
Kids Playhouse 6/13
Natural Dog Treats 6/9
Kids Science Toys 6/7

Just Another New Blog
Simple Solution Extreme Stain & Odor Remover 6/9
Honibe Honey Lozenges 6/7

Katie Talks About
Bambo Nature Diapers 6/10

Kiddies Corner Deals
Tropical Traditions Organic Brown Rice Syrup 6/3

Look What Mom Found... And Dad Too
Wooden Kitchen Toys from GummyLump 6/9

The Mom Buzz
Moon Roof Play House 6/12

Mom's Best Bets
Household Traditions All Purpose Cleaner 5/30

My Sentiment ExactLee
Green & Black's Organic Chocolate 6/9

Rockin' Mama
Organic Coffee Kit 6/10

Shop With Me Mama
Marcal Small Steps 6/10

Two Classy Chics
Canopy Beach $87 Beach Bag Gift Set 6/11

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  1. Aww! Thanks for the shoutout!! I hope you have a fabulous Friday :)


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