Friday, June 3, 2011

I Love Online Shopping!

Online shopping just might be one of the best "inventions" ever. What did we do before it? Oh that's right; we dragged ourselves to the dreaded mall, dodged mall walkers and navigated around stroller caravans in order to get our shopping done. Yeah, no thank you. My mall days are long over. In my old age of 32, I have completely lost patience for annoying people, and malls just seem to be overflowing with them. Plus you could not pay me to drag all 4 of my children to the mall for a day of shopping. That is just torture for everyone involved.

I much prefer to do my browsing and shopping online, from my couch, while licking Nutella off of a spoon. Before I start shopping, I always like to check online deal sites to find coupon codes or promotions. I really hate paying for shipping so I like to find either a free shipping code or a discount that negates the shipping fee. But there are so many deal sites out there, which ones are good to use?

I recently was introduced to which has a huge database of recent coupons, promo codes and sales. Are you in the market for some electronics? DealTaker has a list of deals for Best Buy. Other examples you can find there are a Scan Cafe coupon code and a GoToMeeting coupon code. If you scan through their list of categories and stores, you are bound to find what you are looking for! Or you can use the search function liked I did. I typed in "organics" to see what kind of organic goodies I could find.

So the next time you are curled up on your couch with your laptop ready to do some shopping, remember to look for coupons and sales first! Happy shopping!


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