Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Xbox 360 Kinect Star Wars Bundle Now Available!

Way back in 2011, I saw an announcement that Xbox would soon be releasing a Star Wars Kinect bundle. My husband and I immediately fell in love with it and we anxiously awaited its release. I mean, how could any Star Wars fan not want this? The console itself has the look of R2-D2 and the wireless controller is designed to look like C3PO.

Oh I get goose bumps just looking at it! This limited edition bundle includes:
  • Xbox 360 Console with 320GB hard drive and custom sounds
  • Kinect sensor
  • 1 gold controller
  • Standard Kinect Star Wars Game
  • Kinect Adventures
  • LIVE Token for bonus content
  • Wired Headset

When my seven year old and I had a chance to visit Skywalker Ranch earlier this year, we got a live demonstration of the Kinect Star Wars game and all of the kids even got to play it. Sadly the adults were not able to play. But from what I saw, it looked like a lot of fun and all of the children really loved it. I think their favorite part was the Rancor Rampage, where you run around as a Rancor destroying things. You can also fly a pod racer, fight as a Jedi and so much more. This game is sure to be a hit with Star Wars fans of all ages.

The Kinect Star Wars Bundle is available for $450 from many retailers like Amazon, Target and Walmart. The best deal is currently at Target, where when you buy the bundle for $450 you also get a $50 Target gift card. That special offer ends April 7, so head on over now if you want to take advantage of it!

For more information on the Kinect Star wars Bundle, check out Xbox on Facebook.

This is NOT a compensated post, I just really think this is awesome and wanted to share it with my fellow Star Wars fans.


  1. Love it! I'm a big Star Wars and video game fan so this is the best of both.

  2. That is so cool! Thanks for sharing, I have to show this to my husband!

  3. OK that is AWESOME looking. Too bad we already have the xbox kinect system.

  4. I know nothing about Xbox 360 Kinect, but it really IS cool looking. I know that my youngest son, who is now 21 and a HUGE Star Wars fan, would absolutely love this!

  5. I want the game very badly. My boys are hooked on star wars big time now, and it would be awesome for it to be more interactive.

  6. Get out of town! I have never seen this but the testerone in my house would love this! All 3 boys would think this was the coolest thing ever! I may have to find $450 between now and the 7th!!

    1. Yeah the price tag is the only drawback. Ouch. But I want it. lol.

  7. I'd love to get this for my hubby and son!

  8. his story mode reminds me of Time Crisis series on PlayStation consoles. When finished battling one section, the story automatically "fast forward" and take you to the next area, even though that next area is few foot steps away. There is no full directional movement options with your body or use of a physical controller. The story mode is good to go through once or twice. But after that, I think most people will just go to battle in the Duels of Fate mode, race and bump in the Podracing mode, or go be a Rancor to level buildings and throw things around. The Rancor Rampage is really fun if you are in a destructive mood, and you can actually do a full 360-degree directional movement which couldn't be done in story mode. As for the Galactic Dance Off mode in front of Jabba? Well, it's a mini dance game with Star Wars characters in front of Jabba (first location). It's definitely intriguing! If I have a party and use one of the Kinect Dance off games, I would love to see the expressions of the party guests when I pop this in unexpectedly!


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