Friday, April 20, 2012

The Problem With the News Industry

So just a short while ago I was on Facebook, chatting with my cousin's wife while she is at the hospital getting ready to have a baby (and that is why I love Facebook!) when I saw something somewhat disturbing. I am not really big on watching the news because so much of it is sad and upsetting. I avoid it most of the time. When I do turn on the news every now and then, I watch NBC Connecticut, so I also follow them on Facebook. Anyway, this is what I just saw:

So a car slams into a house, and the first thing they are posting is if any fans have photos? Really? I think that is in incredibly poor taste. How about letting us know that everyone is OK or showing some kind of concern for the living beings that were involved? No instead let's put a request out for photos of what might be a bad accident. Are they hoping that someone on that street sees their request and runs out to take a picture? All the while people may be suffering and receiving medical attention. Awful. Just awful.

Thank you NBC Connecticut for reminding my I dislike the news industry.


  1. I was a reporter, an editor and I freelanced for TV for several years. I can tell you they don't think - they are too worried about being the first to get the pictures, and have turned to the best and mostly free way to achieve that - the public. The reason - the public is not only hungry for news, they like to get involved in it. And, they like getting their 15 minutes of fame, too.
    I hope the people involved in the accident were okay.

  2. That is really sad. I get that the public is hungry for news, but it seems like they would be hungry to know everyone is ok or if it was someone they knew that was hurt.


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