Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Popular Themes for a Boys Birthday Party

It appears as though the busy party season is upon us. We already have two First Communions to attend in May, not to mention our twins 5th birthday. Plus with three kids in elementary school, the chances of one of them bringing home a birthday part invitation is pretty good. I'm exhausted just thinking about it all. I am fearful of when my boys hit their tween and teen years and they start getting invited to big parties like a 16th birthday or Bar or Bat Mitzvah as well. As they get older, the parties and the gifts get more expensive. Luckily, I have a few years still til wee get to that stage.

As I looked over our upcoming busy May calendar to pick a day for our twins' party, I got to wondering about what type of party to have. Typically we do a very low key family party at home. Since they are in preschool, I'm not doing a school friends party just yet. In fact I am avoiding those for as long as I can! But since it is their 5th birthday, I thought that it would be nice to do a theme form them this year. So I started browsing through popular boy party ideas.

The Avengers. With The Avengers movie hitting theaters on May 4th, this will probably be one of the most popular themes for a boy's party this Spring. I've even spotted some pretty cool Avengers party supplies. All of our boys love Marvel super heroes and since the older three already have a Captain America, Thor and Iron Man costume, there is a good chance we may go this route. I just need to pick up a Hulk costume for the two year old. Trust me, it is a very fitting character for him.

LEGO. Anything LEGO themed always seems to be popular with boys. And Star Wars LEGOs are an obsession in this house. I have a huge box of LEGOs that I bought on Black Friday, so the kids could have fun building with the blocks during the party. We could even do Minifigure party favors for the kids to take home with them. Pinterest also has a slew of crafty ideas for a LEGO themed party, but I stink at crafts and making things myself.

Angry Birds. It seems everywhere I turn these days I see Angry birds. Ironically my boys love this game too, even though I never let them touch my iPhone. It is off limits. But twice a week when Grammy visits, they corner her and she gives them her iPhone for them to take turns on. You can imagine the carrying on we here then as they argue over who's goes first and who has the next turn. (Thanks Grammy). An Angry Birds party could be a lot of fun and there are a ton of party game ideas out there for the guests to have fun with.

As of now I think I am leaning towards The Avengers theme since I  know they will love it and their birthday is less than two weeks after the movie comes out.  One thing I do know for sure is that regardless of what theme we go with, we will once again be renting a bounce house. We have rented one for the past few years and it is great for keeping the kids outside and out of the house and ensuring a good night's sleep. This is the Justice League bounce house that we rented last year and it was a huge hit. I suppose we could always turn it into a The Avengers vs. The Justice League party.

What is your favorite theme for a young boy's birthday party?

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  1. My son is hockey obsessed so for #3 we did hockey/Detroit Red Wings. #2 was Handy Manny and #1 was a snow/penguins theme. I'm guessing by #4 we'll be into the superheroes too as we are very proud of our new Batman big boy undies! LOL

  2. I would love to give an avengers party to my son. He loves it! and surely will his friends. it would be a great theme for his birthday.

  3. Pirate Parties are the best! We had a Pirate Theme Party for my 6yo son and it was awesome!


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