Monday, April 9, 2012

Kindergarten, Here They Come!

Next month our twin boys will be turning five, and well, I can't believe it. It feels like just yesterday they were little infants in my arms but yet it also feels like it was so long ago. It has been a long five years as we worked through speech delays and developmental delay and now finally, this August they will be heading off to kindergarten. I am nervous, but not like I was for my oldest. It is not like sending off your first born to school for the first time. I am nervous about how well they will transition from 2.5 hours of preschool to 6 hours of kindergarten. Nervous about moving from a preschool class specifically for preschoolers with needs and delays, to a traditional classroom. I know they are going to do great, but it is my job as a mom to worry.

Then there is a part of me that is insanely excited.  It has been almost five year since they were born, and that means it is also been almost five years since I stopped working outside of the house. We had all of our children close together (four under four = CRAZY) and so while I enjoy being home with them and wouldn't change a thing, it is a lot of hard work. All moms know that our job title doesn't come with sick days, holidays, nights and weekends off, or vacation time. Being a mom is a 24 hour a day job, 365 days a year. So yes, I welcome the fact that in a few months from now, I will have three children in school full time. Leaving me with just one little monkey for most of the day.

I look forward to doing so many things with him. We are going to go to the library for story time, to the park for play time and anything else free that I can find for us to do. Things I never did with my oldest because he was in daycare all day while I worked. Things I never did once I stopped working because as crazy as I am, I am not quite crazy enough to bring four kids to the park alone.

And I must admit, I am looking forward to the quiet. Six hours of no fighting over LEGOs or Star Wars figures. Six hours of no whining about who did what to who. Six hours without constantly hearing "mommy. mommy. mommy. mommy." Six hours of just one child, which is a piece of cake when compared to three or four. I am excited for it. I can't wait for it. I probably should feel guilty about it. But I don't. Not even the slightest. I think I've earned it.

How did you feel once all of your kids started school?


  1. It's been 12 years of waiting for it....I think I'm ready! I will still cry a little. This is my last one of four. What will I do in the middle of the day without a PreK or Kindergarten run?


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