Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wild Kratts: Predator Power DVD Review

PBS is a very popular channel in our house. We prefer their children's programming over those on the cable channels. Over a year ago, my boys discovered a new show that they instantly fell in love with. Wild Kratts pulled them in with incredible wild animals and even a little humor. As you know if you a re a regular reader, my boys love everything to do with animals! Wild Kratts quickly became part of their daily routine. We were not allowed to miss it. The show airs at 5:00pm here on the local Connectciut PBS station (CPTV), and I literally had to push back our dinner time to 5:30 so it would not conflict with Wild Kratts. I wouldn't do that for any old show, but I enjoy it as much as the boys do. I love that it teaches them new things about animals as well as teaching them how to care for animals and our planet.

So when I read that Wild Kratts: Predator Power was coming to DVD I was thrilled and I knew this was a must have for our family. While we have seen every episode, we never get tired of it and having a DVD to watch whenever we want or to take on long trips is awesome.

"Join real-life zoologists, writer/producers Chris and Martin Kratt as they transform into animated versions of themselves and embark on incredible edu-taining journeys in WILD KRATTS: Predator Power.  Combining humor, adventure and fun, WILD KRATTS: Predator Power brings kids face to face with some of the most wild and exciting predators in the animal kingdom through astonishing live-action footage and presents age-appropriate science concepts along the way.  As they explore the world and science through animals, the Kratt brothers and their trusty team actively apply their new knowledge to extricate themselves from hilarious and suspenseful predicaments while empowering kids to do their part in protecting wildlife and saving the planet.  Viewed by 8 million households each month, WILD KRATTS features a unique blend of live action and animation creating unlimited potential for education and storytelling."

The Wild Kratts: Predator Power DVD contains four action-packed and educational episodes: Stuck on Sharks, Mimic in the Grass, Little Howler and Raptor Roundup. All of theses episodes are great and its a tie on which is our favorite. The twins love the Stuck on Sharks episode which is about a Great White Shark. The seven year old loves Raptor Roundup which is about hawks, eagles, owls, falcons and vultures. It is safe to say that Raptor Roundup is his favorite Wild Kratts episode.

Included on the DVD along with the episodes are some fun printable activities. You will need to place the DVD into your computer to access the PDFs. First there is a "Discovering Senses" packet which includes simple scientific experiments to help kids explore their five senses.

Then there is a 4 page packet of activity sheets which includes: Habitat Match, Wet and Wild Word Find, Wildlife Journal and Animal Guessing Game. These activities are fun and perfect for young animal lovers.

If it isn't obvious, we love the Wild Kratts: Predator Power DVD and well, everything having to do with Wild Kratts. This is great to have in any kids collections. We are anxiously awaiting more Wild Kratts DVDs!

Wild Kratts: Predator Power DVD retails for approximately $12.99 and can be found at online retailers like Barnes & Noble or at ShopPBS.org.

Connect with Wild Kratts
Official Site: www.wildkratts.com
Wild Krats on PBS: pbskids.org/wildkratts
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Wild-Kratts-Official

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