Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Infographic: 7 Burglary Facts You Have Never Heard Of

Recently, my very good friend Lee of MySentimentExactLee.com and her family were victims of a home robbery. They not only stole thousands of dollars worth of items, but they pretty much ransacked their house, tormented their dogs and even ate their food. The entire thing is just awful, and no one should ever have to go through something like that. It seems like in these tough economic times, burglaries are on the rise. We all should make sure that we find a good security solution for our homes. Here is an infographic that shows seven burglary facts that you likely never heard of. It certainly makes you think and start evaluating the system, or lack there of, that you may currently have in place.

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  1. Also, if you live in a university town, burglaries apparently go WAY up during school breaks. Because so many people leave! I have friends who learned this the hard way.

  2. We published an infographic very similar a few months back but I really like the information in this one. Two interesting points brought up. First, it is interesting that most home deductibles are around $1,000 and average burglaries are about $1,600...so close to the deductible that it is suspicious. Also, it makes sense to get home security now after reading the stats.


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