Monday, April 2, 2012

Motorcycles Scare Me

I have never been a big fan of motorcycles. And I had never been on one until I started dating my now husband twelve years ago. On our third date, he picked me up on his Yamaha motorcycle. I was a little taken aback since I had never rode on a motorcycle before then and he hadn't even told me about it. A heads up sure would have been nice. Reluctantly, I climbed on the back and held on for dear life. I was only slightly terrified. OK very terrified.

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What scares me about motorcycles is how prone you are on one. You are driving on the highway, at least doing 55mph with nothing at all between you and the other vehicles on the road.  Of course there are also the reckless motorcycle drivers that make the roads dangerous for everyone. You know the ones I am talking about. They drive way too fast and weave in and out of cars on the highway.

Fortunately, my husband was never one for those drivers. At least not during our time together. I can't speak for what he was like pre-Marianna. He was always very careful, especially whenever I was on the bike with him. So thankfully he never needed a motorcycle accident lawyer or a serious accident attorney. But sadly, you always hear about or read about horrific motorcycle accidents. Often they are fatal motorcycle accidents. And not all are the fault of the motorcycle driver. I have seen my fair share of car drivers cut off motorcycles or simply not see them and pull out in front of them.

What is even scarier is that in Connecticut, there is no motorcycle helmet law. I think this is absolutely absurd. We have bicycle helmet laws, but we allow people driving at high speeds on motorcycles the option of wearing helmet or not. And so many riders here choose not to wear one. I don't get it.

My husband ended up selling the Yamaha and getting a Harley Davidson back around 2004. I will admit it was a beautiful, chromed out bike. But I never rode it much. Once I had children, I really had no desire to get on it. He has since sold that bike as well, which while hard for him, is good in way because now our boys are not fascinated with it. I dread the day that they come home and say they want a motorcycle. My heart will break a little if that ever happens.

How do you feel about motorcycles? Do you hate them or love them? Would you let your teenager drive one?

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  1. I grew up with my dad riding a bike, and he had a horrible accident when I was 13. He almost died. While I still love them, I am terrified to ride in Miami with my husband. His also having a pretty bad accident a few years ago didn't help matters much! But I do LOVE to ride with him in North Carolina - the drivers there are so nice to bikers, I always feel safer!


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