Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our Dishwasher Is Sick

Why does it seem that things break down at the worst possible time? When we moved into our house in 2003, we immediately had to buy a new dishwasher as the one that was here didn't work. We totally got bamboozled by the previous owners on that one. So my hubby got me a new Kenmore Dishwasher that Christmas. Here we are not even 6 years later and the darn thing is getting more useless by the day. Maybe I am wrong, but shouldn't a dishwasher last more than 6 years? I'm thinking 10 is more appropriate - no?

For the past 2 years I have been having issues with it not cleaning so great. I have a particularly hard time with glasses. They come out worse then they go in and are left with little food particles on them. Lately this has gotten worse. Plates and utensils come out dirty. I do clean it regularly. I have used those dishwasher cleaners they sell in the store that you run with an empty washer. And I regularly run it on high temp with a cup or two of vinegar. Nothing seems to help. We've even tried different detergents and rinse aids but always get the same result. Things need to be rewashed which just seems so wasteful to me. Not to mention the reason why I have a dishwasher is so I don't have to hand wash things!

Then this past summer we had an issue with the water not draining out. After it would run, all the nasty waster would still be left in the bottom. We had Sears come out to look at it. Of course the warranty is long gone, and they charge $100 just to come to your house. Insane. Now if they repair it for you, they do credit you that fee, but still. It turned out that the drain pump motor thingy was shot. The service man installed a new one for us and it cost us about $120, give or take. Mind you we only paid like $300 for this thing to begin with.

Now a few weeks ago, it started making this horrendous noise. I mean it is so loud you can hear it upstairs. We have no idea what the heck it is. At the same time the detergent dispenser stopped operating correctly. Before you would turn on the dishwasher and after a few minutes, then the dispenser would open up to release the detergent. Now it just happens immediately. I don't know if it really makes a difference, but it shouldn't be happening that way. So now we are stuck in a rough spot. We are not paying another $100+ to have it serviced again. I am not putting $200-$300 into a 6 year old dishwasher when I could probably get a new one for $400. However, we don't have the money for a new dishwasher either. Like I said, this kind of stuff always happens at the worst possible time and since my hubby has been laid off for 7 months now, neither repairing it or buying new is feasible.

I have to say I am a little disappointed in my Kenmore here. I really expected to get at least 10 years out of it. Am I crazy for thinking that? How long have your dishwashers lasted? While we're at it, if you love yours then tell me about it. Once this thing completely dies we will be left with no choice to replace it so I can use some recommendations.


  1. Ive never owned a dishwasher, although my son just turned 8...................might be about time he becomes one....
    just saying...

    I can totally relate with everything happening at the wrong time, ugh, that was us last week.

  2. When we moved into the house we are living in, it already had a dishwasher there for who knows how long, so we just kept that one. It has been working GREAT for us for the 7+ years we've lived here. I would definitely recommend it, it is a BOSCH. And runs great!

  3. That must be incredibly frustrating! What's the point of having a dishwasher if you wash what the dishwasher washes?

  4. Oh ugh! I hate when things like that happen. It does always happen at the wrong time. Good luck, I hope something works out for you!

  5. I am having almost the exact same problems with my 5-year old dishwasher! It's a different brand. What now, dishwashers are built to last 5 years?? So frustrating!

  6. I could not live without my dishwasher. Ok - so maybe not the best advice....but you know that Sears has no interest and no payments for 12 months on new applicances?? You could make payments when you are able to and have it paid off within a year. Just a suggestion - I know doing dishes is the last thing you'll want to do when the new baby is here.

  7. I feel you! Our dishwasher recently went kaput too! It sucks to wash them by hand huh? Guess we are spoiled ;)

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  9. Marianna,

    My husband and I were married for almost three years before we got a dishwasher. I swore I would never again live w/o one. Washing dishes by hand is fine, if you have a choice. I wanted to be able to decide to run a cycle or not, but w/o a dishwasher, I didn't have an option. When we bought our first house, we also bought a BOSCH. I've been in dishwasher heaven since then.

    We have since moved two more times and YES, I took the dishwasher w/me. It's mine, mine, mine! It is about six years old, has survived two moves, and I’m expecting to get a few more years out of it. Plus, the wash cycles are really, really, really quiet and was great when sleeping babies were around.


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