Tuesday, October 6, 2009

CSN Stores Review

One of the great things about the Internet is all the shopping. I love shopping, but with 3 kids its so hard to find time to go to the store. Internet shopping lets me do browsing and shopping right from home. What's really great about CSN Stores is they are one stop shopping. Looking for some baby gear like car seats and strollers - they've got it! If you need something from the kitchen they have a selection of both small ad large appliances. Or maybe you are in the market for some living room furniture. Well they have that too!

For years, we've grown our specialty stores in areas where we can offer superior service, selection and low prices for our customers. We've built a huge offering of home and office products for everyone, from the budget-minded shopper to the luxury-seeker.

Shopping with CSN means:
~ Support from our top-notch, trained customer service staff.
~ Online access to over 1,000,000 products.
~ Shop with the confidence that you are finding the best value online.

What I also like about CSN Stores is they have a nice selection of "green" products as well. If you head on over there and do a search for eco-friendly you will find a wide range of goodies like pet supplies and luggage. And I must say they have a wide selection of eco-friendly furniture as well. If you search for organic, you'll find lots of cute stuff for your little one like crib bedding and clothing. I would love to see them add categories for these to make them a little easier to find, but searching works well for now.

CSN Stores sent me a Patagonia Daily Grind Bag to try out. The ordering process went very smoothly. They kept me updated on the status of my order with emails which is always very much appreciated. The Patagonia Daily Grind Bag is laptop compatible and best of all it is constructed of 100% all recycled polyester double weave.

You will find a nice zipper compartment in front which has a couple of smaller compartments inside of it. These are good for cell phones, wallets, etc. Inside the main compartment is a spot for your laptop with a Velcro strap to hold it in, a larger open compartment which would be good for pads, folders and such and then mesh zipper compartment which I like to put my power cord in. My only complaint about the bag is my laptop doesn't fit in the laptop section too well. Its not deep enough so I really can't close the Velcro strap. Not too much of a big deal and not the bag's fault - you have to check the dimensions of your laptop against any laptop bag before purchasing.

All in all I had a very nice experience with CSN Stores and would gladly order from them in the future. Since I am a big time online "window shopper" I really enjoy surfing through all of their products.

Please note that the above review is based solely on my experiences with this company and product. You may have a different experience or result than I did.

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  1. HI! Thanks for filling me in on the CSN Stores. Didn't know much about it. Good to know!


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