Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Plea to Trader Joe's

Oh Trader Joe's, how I love you so. Just walking in through your doors make me feel so happy. And your staff are always so cheerful and helpful, always asking if I need help finding something. That makes is such a pleasant shopping experience. Your selection of natural and organic foods is just awesome and the prices are too. No where else could I find organic chocolate syrup to make my son his morning chocolate milk. And your organic vodka sauce just may be the best vodka sauce I have ever tasted (well, except for my dad's). This past weekend I made a quick run to you to pick up a few things. I could have spent hours there, really. But I kept it short and walked out with some new treasures to try like organic alphabet pasta for the kids and organic probiotic yogurt for me (excellent, by the way). Of course, my Trader Joe's shopping trip would not be complete without a bucket of your mini chocolate chip cookies. Heaven.

However, I am sorry to say that I do have a complaint. You are just too far away. Just to drive to you takes me 30 minutes and as a mom of 3, I simply do not have the time to spend an hour round trip driving for groceries. So unfortunately, due to the distance I can only make it to your store once every other month or so. All of my online mommy friend chat about all the great stuff they get at Trader Joe's and I am jealous. I want to be able to shop there every week too!

So I am begging you to open up a location near me. I know the economy stinks right now, but I really think it would be beneficial to the both of us. Our town has a great mix of rural and business and we are in desperate need of healthy grocery store like you. And if you do come, I vow to come work for you and be a proud, happy member of your staff. So think about it, really think about it. Please. You can always email me for my location details. :)


  1. I would DIE to have one even an hour from me! Heck two hours or three! (although you can get from one end of the island to the other in about an hour so....)

    We don't have one single Trader Joes in Hawaii, not a one! Can you imagine the business they would do with all of the mainlanders that LOVE Traders who come to visit?! And Maui is the number 1 island for visitors...they'd KILL IT here!

    Come on Traders, I join Marianna in saying, open one by me!!

    (Great post and plea Marianna :) I am with you 100%!!!)

  2. OK Sarah, I can't believe there are none in Hawaii! With the cute island theme they have going on, I honestly thought there would be tons there! That makes no sense.

    OK TJs - now we have 2 requests! One by me and one in Maui!

  3. the closest trader joes and whole foods (though I would rather have TJ) are about 45 minutes from me. when you add in traffic, over an hour.

    I totally feel for both of you!

    Southside Indianapolis PLEASE!

  4. That stinks. We have one 10 minutes from our house and their is one 10 minutes from my work. I go about once a month for our monthly shopping. I hope you get one closer to you.

  5. @Karissa - No Whole Foods near us either. That's a good hour away. We do have a small natural food/health store, but the prices are outrageous and selection not very great.

    @Rob - sure rub it in! ;)

  6. I know EXACTLY how you feel, mine is 40 minutes away and to have one near my home would be heavenly! There are some upscale towns around my not-so-upscale town, it would be the PERFECT competition to Whole Foods, which I simply can't afford.


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