Friday, September 23, 2011

Acorn Squash Recipe Roundup

At my CSA pickup last weekend I received two acorn squash. While I have cooked butternut squash and pumpkin before, I have never ever touched acorn squash. I honestly have no idea what to do with these things. So I went searching through my new favorite time suck, Pinterest, to see if I could find some yummy recipes to try out.

Acorn Squash with Quinoa

Acorn Squash Bisque

Sweet-Roasted Rosemary Acorn Squash Wedges

Penne with Acorn Squash

Maple Roasted Acorn Squash

Vegan Acorn Squash Muffins

So now I have to decicde which recipes to try out. I am thinking I will definitely try some muffins as it might be the only way to get my kids to eat it. Then maybe the maple glazed recipe because that just sounds sweet and yummy.

what is  your favorite way to cook acorn squash?


  1. Yum!!! I buy acorn squash a couple of times a year. I cut them in half, scoop out the crap, and place them face down on a baking tray with a little water. 400 degrees for 1/2 hour. Then I flip them put in each half a little scoop of butter and a scoop of brown sugar and bake face up for another 15-30 min. When they are soft I take them out and drizzle a little maple syrup.

    YUMMY! Oh, and it's a vegetable - that negates the butter and sugar, making it very healthy... right?

  2. I always wondered what you were supposed to do with acorn squash so I always avoided it. These recipes look great though, so I might have to buy some!

  3. I've actually never had acorn squash but I'm bookmarking this for inspiration!

  4. Though I have never had squash the Sweet-Roasted Rosemary Acorn Squash Wedges looks really yummy and tempted to try squash for the first time.

  5. I cut them in half scoop out the guts inside. Bake them face down...350 degrees for 20 minutes (no water) in a shallow pan. Then take them out and flip them. Add butter to the squash, spreading it. Sprinkle brown sugar and cinnamon, back in the oven another 30 minutes. Very good!

  6. Those muffins look yummy! I want to try them.

  7. I am not a big fan of squash in general but I may have to try some of these they look yummy!


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