Thursday, September 15, 2011

Inmod Modern Furniture

I love daydreaming about fun ways to redecorate the rooms in our house. When we bought our home almost 8 years ago, we furnished it with all hand me downs from family. While I will forever be grateful for all of it since we had nothing, after so long staring at the same old furniture I am beyond over them. We have purchased some beautiful new pieces over the years, like our dining room and master bedroom sets, but there is still plenty of really old furniture left in the house.

I recently came across Inmod which is a really fun online store that offers modern furniture, lighting and decor. They even has a selection of eco-friendly/green furniture, which of course is right up my alley. Plenty of bamboo and FSC certified wood furniture to choose from. But the first thing I noticed on their site was their design-your-own section. Featured on The Today Show, you can choose from various fabrics and patterns to design your own bedding and pillows. I could spend days playing with this feature. I already designed my first pillow. The colors even matches my blog a little bit.

Over in the Inmod modern bar and counter stools section there are over 200 stools to pick from. Some have bold colors and others funky styles and they are all fun. We would love to remodel our kitchen some day and have a section of the counter where you could pull up a stool to eat at. There are so many great stools here that would look great in my fantasy kitchen.

One room in our house that needs major attention is the office. Besides the fact that it has become the dumping grounds for pretty much everything, the furniture situation is sad. I happen to have a nice desk but my husband is using my old desk that I had in college. Which might not be so bad if we didn't have to reinforce it with a huge block of wood. And both of our office chairs my mother brought home from her job a few years ago when they upgraded to new ones. They are ugly and not very comfortable so we certainly could use a computer chair self-help guide to help us pick ones that are right for us.

If modern furniture is your style then you definitely need to check out Inmod. There are so many great pieces and you will have a lot of fun designing your own beautiful bedding!


  1. Sounds like a fantastic store! I had never heard of it before. I love that they have FSC certified wood furniture :)

  2. In general I am not a fan of modern furniture EXCEPT for an office. I would love a shiny, modern home office with wood and metal and sustainable materials such as bamboo.


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