Monday, September 26, 2011

A Week of Bento Lunches

As the weeks go on I am trying to experiment with different ideas for my first grader's bento lunches. I keep much of it the same as he likes the continuity, plus I am not all that creative. I do like to change maybe one part up every now and then to keep it from getting boring for both of us. No one wants to eat the same exact thing every sing day. Here are his lunches from last week.

(carrots, cucumbers, hummus, colby jack cheese, whole grain crackers, sliced apple, pizza and Annie's chocolate bunnies)

A sheer moment of brilliance! I decided to take my cookie cutters and use them to cut shapes out of a slice of leftover pizza. HUGE hit.

The first pizza lunch was such a success that he requested it again. This was a bigger slice so I was able to cut out a train.

(cucumbers, olives, ham, fresh berries, banana bread.)
Grammy sent over some homemade banana bread so I thought it would be nice to include that in his lunch. Another huge hit - it was a good week! We ended up doing this exact lunch twice.

(cucumbers, olives, whole grain crackers, colby jack cheese stick, sliced apple, rolled ham)

By Friday I had nothing "cool" left to include so we just did a pretty basic lunch.

It's Monday again and it looks like I will be rotating through the bento's that I already have in my repertoire. The pizza and banana bread lunches were some of his favorites so they will most likely become regulars in the lunch rotations. I am hoping to make some pumpkin bread soon to include and maybe even some English Muffin pizzas.

For more kids' bento lunch ideas, be sure to visit Following in my Shoes and Frosted Fingers!


  1. Wow! These are so fancy & cool. It really shows how much you care.

  2. These are great and so adorable. It almost makes me want to do them for my boys!

  3. GENIUS IDEA WITH THE PIZZA! I am sooooo stealing that one!

  4. That choo choo train meat is awesome!

  5. What great ideas! I am always giving my son the same things over and over again on the days he doesn't buy lunch.

  6. Those are great. Can you come make my lunch :) I always give the same exact things but I have picky eaters

  7. I love the pizza and ice cream cone pizzas! They are so cute! There is a restaurant near me that does bento lunch boxes for adults but I can't see paying $10 for basically, a lunchable. LOL

  8. What a great way to make healthy eating fun! I love it!

  9. Those pizza lunches are SUPER cute! I love Bentos!

  10. I used to think I wanted to come back as my grandmother's dog, but no--when I die I want to come back as your kid so I can have lunches that look like that.


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