Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Latest Bento Creation

I am now into my third week of packing bento style lunches for my six year old. I am not getting ultra creative with these, but he seems to be very happy with them. I am considering looking into a different lunch box that will allow me a bit more room for different options.

Once again I have sliced cucumbers and hummus, then multigrain crackers with W shaped Colby Jack cheese, yogurt covered raisins, ham sandwich cut into a car and truck and then sliced apples.

It has actually gotten easier for me to got those awful W's now. The key is thicker is better. I was cutting the slices of cheese too thin at first. Now I have them just as thick as the cookie cutter and this is working much better. I cut out 9 pieces in mere minutes last night.

The yogurt raisins are a first. I thought it would be nice to include a sweet yet healthy treat. We will see if he likes them.

For the apples I slice them up just before I send him off to school and I quickly soak them in some white grape juice. The citric acid helps to keep them from browning. They do get a little brown, but not too bad.

What are some of your recent school lunch creations?


  1. We love Bento Boxes! I have a post getting ready to go live about them, as well! So popular and fun! Your box is adorable!

  2. Very cute lunch!! I didn't realize you were doing these, too. We should link up to each other :)

  3. I see these all the time. People pack them so cutely!


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