Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Mouse Ruined My Evening

It was just before 8:00pm last night (Monday), I sat down in the family room with my laptop to get some blogging done and turned on the TV excited for Fall programming. My plans were to watch The Sing Off and Two and A Half Men while I waited for Hawaii Five-O at 10:00pm and my date with Alex O'Loughlin (Steve McGarrett). Unfortunately, my grand plans were interrupted. Minutes after The Sing Off started I saw a mouse scurry along the carpet. And yes, I freaked out.

Source: imdb.com via Marianna on Pinterest

Let's back up for a minute to last Thursday night. I was on my way out to meet my sister-in-law for our weekly coffee date at Starbuck's. Roughly 8:30pm, I open my basement door and bam right there is a mouse crawling down the stairs. So I do exactly what I should not do and scream and slam the door. My husband comes running, goes and looks for the mouse in the basement but obviously it is hiding. I make him walk me to my car in the garage and later that night when I got home, I came in through the back deck.

For a few days there was no sign of the mouse. Then on Sunday night hubby was watching TV in the family room, again 8:00pm-ish, and he sees something run across the floor. We of course tear apart the room but find nothing.

That brings us back to last night. The four boys are asleep, my husband is out at a school meeting and here I am perched on my kitchen stool like an owl looking over into the family room. Our family room is sunken and directly off the kitchen. So I sat there keeping an eye on the little bugger as it kept dashing back and forth across the floor. It would go from the kid's cardboard castle then run across the room to the recliner chair and repeat. I figured I better keep my eye on it so that when my big strong man got home I could point him in the right location.

So from my perch I kept an eye on it while catching bits and pieces of my TV shows. About 9:45 my husband arrived home and we went to work trying to hunt down little mousy.

Photo credit: gracey from morguefile.com

The last place I saw it run to was the recliner. So he flipped it over, shook it, pretty much beat it to death and no mouse came out. Which means it snuck out when I wasn't looking. Then he went through the toy boxes and behind the TV cabinet. No mouse. Next stop is the cardboard castle. Hubby yanks it really fast out of the corner and at first I see nothing. Until I see the mouse right in front of me between the step up into the kitchen and the loveseat. Of course I scream and it turns and runs behind the loveseat. So now I am looking directly behind the loveseat waiting for it to pop out again and hubby starts moving the furniture and it takes off in the other direction and into the corner behind the radiator.

We don't know if it went into the wall or what but it hasn't been seen since. We set up traps over night hoping we might get lucky but we woke up this morning to zero mousie corpses. (I'm sorry, when it comes to inside my home I won't put up with bugs and mice). Once the kids were awake we had to pull up the traps so it looks like a trip to Home Depot to get some child safe traps is on the agenda for today.

Needless to say I missed my date with hottie Alex and instead spent my evening with a furry rodent. I am hoping there is no second date.


  1. Oh, I hate to have a mouse in the house. We were driving in my husband's car last winter and our son, who was in his car seat in the back, said, 'There's a mouse in your car, Dad.' He said it as calm as could be. Hubby looked back, and sure enough!!! Little bugger must have come into the garage to keep warm and crawled into the car. Needless to say we pulled over and hubby went on a mouse hunt. YUK!

  2. Aw...am I the only freak that thinks mice are cute? LOL


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