Friday, June 8, 2012

Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh

Because if you don't laugh, you will cry. Loud, big huge sobbing type of crying. Or just lose your darn mind. Or both. This is what happens in my house when you take 10 minutes to get the five year old twins ready for the bus and are not watching the two year old like a hawk.

Yes, my two year old did this. All on his own. He's lucky he is cute.

Do your kids ever do things that are so outrageous that you resort to giggles as a coping mechanism?


  1. Nope, breakdown is my normal coping technique. Wow, your little one has some serious talent there. He even dumped out all the boxes but set them in a coordinated pile :)

  2. Oh boy! Well...the good news is that it's the super bright kids who think of this kind of havoc :)

  3. Yes... we had a baby powder 'incident' a few weeks ago. I had to laugh or I would have had a complete meltdown. What is it with 2 year old boys?! ;) And yes, thank goodness they are cute.

    1. Oh no! Baby powder is not fun to clean up.

  4. I hate when the kids do that!

  5. Ugh.. I am in the middle of cleaning our play room ... Oh, and Tamara, I have been there with baby powder, rice, flax see, flour and cornstarch.

    Sometimes I suspect my children set a daily challenge to see who can break mom first.

  6. You've got really gifted kid. It's not easy to make such a mess :)


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