Tuesday, December 6, 2011

LEGO KidsFest in Hartford Was A Blast!

This past weekend, the LEGO KidsFest Tour made its final stop of the year at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, CT. All sessions were sold out and the place was packed with lots of kids and lots and lots of LEGO bricks. I knew it was going to be crowded, but I have to say I underestimated it. It didn't matter though because our boys were so excited to go!

When you first walk in you are greeted by the LEGO Model Gallery. All of these were so cool but my family was most interested in the Star Wars characters. Do you see a tall Wookie in the distance?

Everyone's favorite droids, R2-D2 and C-3PO, were spotted quickly! Followed by the not so friendly battle droid. Or as my twins call it, the "Roger Roger droid."

The boys were very excited to see Boba Fett. And even more so to see Darth Vader, pictures in the background.

As we made our way around we passed some demonstrations and discussions. There is no way my already restless toddler would sit still for these, so we kept on moving.

 One of the popular attractions at LEGO KidsFest is the giant LEGO brick pile. We could barely even see it there were so many children and parents in there. But the amount of bricks was quite impressive.

The Creation Nation area looked really cool. Here you can build something to be added to the map of the United States and the final pictures are posted on the LEGO KidsFest website.

Since we had the little man with us and he was tired of being in the stroller, we headed over to the DUPLO Build Area. Similar the the LEGO brick pile, this was a huge pile of DUPLO bricks as well as several toddler sized tables for them to build at. This area was not as crowded as the LEGO brick pile, so we hung out here for a bit while the kids created. Our toddler really enjoyed walking in the pile of bricks.

The four year olds and six year old also enjoyed the DUPLO area.

Our oldest asked if we could go wait on the Ninjago line. I know he has seen the boxes in stores and in catalogs but he never actually played with these spinning LEGOs before. Though the line was long here, it moved very fast and was very well organized. The boys were able to build their Ninjas and Skeletons and then spin them in the little arena provided at the table. This was a big hit.

Our last stop was the LEGO store in the back. Here they had a huge selection of various LEGO building sets, everything from Star Wars and Harry Potter to Ninjago. They even had some good deals going on. We wound up spending way too much time and money in there. We let the three older boys pick out two items each. The 6 year old and one of the 4 year olds both picked Ninjago characters and the other 4 year old picked two small Star Wars sets. They were so excited to get home and play with them.

Overall, the LEGO KidsFest was a lot of fun for our family. I hope that it comes back to Connecticut again next year so our boys can enjoy it again.

I received media tickets for LEGO KidsFest. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. That is a ton of legos! My boys would be in lego heaven :)

  2. This looks like so much fun! I don't even have kids old enough to appreciate them, but I wanna go with Hubs. haha.


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