Saturday, December 10, 2011

Be Ready for Anything with Freeze Dried Food

I never realized there were so many varieties of freeze dried food that are available. The only thing we have ever eaten was some freeze dried fruit like apples. Our boys really enjoyed those when they were in their toddler years. But beyond that, I don't know all that much about it. I figured these were limited to fruits, vegetables and maybe soups. There are actually meals out there like chili and pasta alfredo. I had no idea! offers a wide variety of freeze dried food products and storage and even survival kits. But why would you need these? Well if you are a big time camper, these easy to store and prepare meals are great for you. Or perhaps you want to have a supply of emergency food on hand should you lose power for a few days. With PrepareWise food all you need to do is open the pouch to reintroduce air, add hot water and then wait about 12 minutes. It is that easy and your meal is ready to go. But if your power is out, how do you heat up the water for the food? PrepareWise also has survival kits which not only include the freeze dried food and first aid kits, but also a portable butane stove and water purifier. So no matter what your situation is, you will still be able to eat something.

Since we have had a rough few months with weather and power outages, and with winter looming ever so near, freeze dried food is something we need to consider. While we normally head to family when a situation like that arises, with the snow storms we typically get in New England, there is a very real possibility that we could get snowed in. I'd rather invest a little to have it on hand and never need to use it than find ourselves in a situation where we need it but don't have it.

What types of freeze dried foods have you tried? Do you have any set aside for emergencies?


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