Sunday, July 24, 2011

Maybe I Just Have Fat Fingers

I know I have mentioned a number of times how much I adore my iPhone. It allows me to be productive when I am away from home or outside with the kids and well it is just a lot of fun! But one thing I still have a difficult time with is the touchscreen keyboard and typing. The first day I got my phone I cursed it every time I typed because I would hit 3 keys at once. Sure over the past few months I have improved quite a bit but between my fat fingers and AutoCorrect, my typing can be quite amusing.

I know other bloggers can relate to the fact that we seem to always have a lot of online forms to fill out. Want to apply for an awesome review or sponsorship opportunity? Then just fill out this three page form. Or sometimes we will be sent a product to try out and then we have to fill out form after the fact with our thoughts. This is something I had really hoped that I could do from phone but let me tell you it is quite a pain in the neck! I think it is also in part to the small screen on a phone, it would probably be much easier on an iPad. (If someone wants to send me one to test my theory, that would be fabulous!) But those darn touch keys slow me down so much that it probably takes me double the time it should to complete web forms. Even in landscape doesn't help me. I end up resorting to the good ole single finger point and touch typing and yeah, totally not efficient. And slightly pathetic.

So I don't know if it is my fingers or what that gives me such a hard time. I honestly don't think they are fat, but compared to those tiny keys I suppose they might be. Or maybe I am just trying to type too fast. Do you find typing on your phone, whether its a touchscreen or keys, to be a challenge?


  1. I know what you mean! It's such a nightmare to respond to emails or anything while mobile. Some people seem to have no issue with it, but I'm operating with a handicap until I get back home to my desktop!

  2. LOL -- I KNOW! I'm that way on my Droid AND on the iPad. Touch screens are sooooo annoying!

  3. I JUST got my first iPhone, it has been about 2 years, I think? LOL! My hubby has one, but me, I had one, a droid , but is was sitting in my drawer! So my hubby just bought me a Cosmo G3 I think, and it is so cool :) Now I can text, and yes, the numbers/letters are quite small!

  4. Love my iPhone, especially fir on the go blogging, or blogging at work* I do wish though that it was as easy to use as my computer! I'm using it now though and Without it I'd be out of the loop all day!


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