Monday, May 2, 2011

OrganicaPure Skin Care Review

It is rare that I get a chance to pamper myself, even just a little bit. My 4 young boys sure do keep me busy. As a result I have come to really cherish the 15 minutes I get every day for a quick shower. OK, sometimes its more like every other day. So I am always excited to try out a natural skin care product and spoil myself for a change.

OrganicaPure is a skincare line born from the obsessive and constant pursuit for purity. Our products harness the power of three simple, yet powerful ingredients: Cocoa, Honey, and Aloe Vera. OrganicaPure utilizes the knowledge and research conducted on the benefits of these three ingredients and combines them to produce high quality skincare products.

If you read my post on checking the toxicity of your beauty products than you know how important I think it is to eliminate the use of chemical products on our skin and bodies. So when I was introduced to OrganicaPure I was excited about the natural skin care they offer and couldn't wait to give them a try.

The first item I was sent was the Aloe Vera & Honey Body Scrub. "While the scrub sloughs off dead skin cells and renews your skin, aloe and honey work together to clean, soften, and revitalize." I have to admit that at first the scent, while pleasant, was very strong and that made me nervous. So I double checked the ingredients and when I noticed "fragrance" listed there I became extra super nervous since many times the word fragrance means some sort of synthetic, chemical fragrance has been used. However a quick look on the OrganicaPure FAQs page and I found that all of their fragrances are from pure essential oils. Phew. So this body scrub comes in a large pump bottle which I have to say I love since that makes it super easy to use in the shower. I have some pretty dry skin and areas like me knees and elbows can get pretty rough. I have been using this scrub pretty much all love my limbs, but really concentrating on those rough spots and I am very happy with the results.

I was also sent the Mint Cocoa & Honey Body Lotion. Anything with cocoa or chocolate in it is a big winner in my book, even if I can't eat it. "We've combined Mayan's finest cocoa with highest quality honey to nourish dry skin without oily residue. As a finishing touch, we've infused a hint of mint into our body lotion to revitalize your skin." I really enjoy how nicely this lotion goes on it leaves my skin feeling smooth. I really hate when I put on lotion and then my hands are left feeling greasy but that doesn't happen with this OrganicaPure lotion. The mint also gives it a very pleasant and rejuvenating scent. No it does not smell like chocolate, which is good because then I would want to eat my hands all day long. This is the perfect accompaniment to their body scrubs which will get off all of that dead skin and then you can hop out of the tub or shower and cover yourself in the lotion to moisturize. Its like I have my own little spa in my bathroom.

In addition to several body scrubs and lotions, OrganicaPure also offers body wash, body butter, anti-stretchmark cream, facial cleanser and shampoo. If you need to pamper yourself with some spa quality products, I definitely think you should check out OrganicaPure. Their products could also make a very lovely Mother's Day gift. They also offer free shipping on orders over $40.00.

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