Friday, May 13, 2011

Green Giveaway Friday Linky 5/13

Well I suppose it is fitting that today is Friday the 13th and Blogger was having problems pretty much all day today. At least I am finally able to do a new post but I am still waiting for them to restore my CSA post from yesterday.

So here is the very late edition of Green Giveaway Friday! As usual, please add both your green and non-green giveaways and contests into Mr. Linky below so we can do some blog hoppin! Be sure to include the expiration date. Thanks!

You can also submit your green giveaways to me during the week for me to feature on Fridays.

The Alternative Consumer
Mrs. Jones' Soapbox 5/13

Family Focus Blog
Ayurvedic Roast 5/20
STIHL wet/dry vacuum 5/26
Green Gift Bags 5/13

Jen and Joey
Recyclo-gami Book 5/20

Just Another New Blog
Pink Dandy Luxury Cream 5/17
Episencial Summer Skincare 5/21
Grateful Body Prize Pack 5/22

The Mom Buzz
Yum-Yum Bento Box 5/31

Mom's Best Bets
Xtrema Cookware 5/20

The Shopping Mama
Melissa & Doug Sweets Play Food Sets 5/18


  1. Don't know why my other giveaways are on there already, but thank you!! Have a great day!

  2. Thank you for the linky!!!! :)


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