Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fun Ways We Keep Our Kids Happy in the Car

"Are we there yet?" The dreaded parent that will drive any parent driving with a child in the car absolutely insane. Fortunately our kids do not ask this. Yet. With the one exception the other day when the 6 year old asked it, and I am fairly certain it was because they had watched an episode of The Cat in the Hat that morning where the Cast asked it over and over. Thanks a lot Cat.

I do like to come up with fun things for us to all do and keep them occupied during the drive. Lately my boys have been enjoying looking for traffic signs. They will point out the ones that they recognize, like the stop signs, or ask me about the one's that they do not know. The other day while taking a leisurely drive through Connecticut countryside, while sipping my decaf mocha Frappucino, we saw two sign posts with this on it near some fields.

Of course the kids recognized the cow on the sign but were disappointed that there were no cows in sight. I actually had never seen a cow crossing sign before so I found it pretty cool myself. I love living in the country.

We also recently discovered how hilarious they think a speed bump is. One of my twins I affectionately refer to as "giggles" sometimes because he has this high pitched little laugh and once he gets going, there is no stopping him. Apparently speed bumps are highly amusing to him and he asks to go over them again. And again.

It's amazing what some kids find to be entertaining. We usually manage to keep the kids happy in the car with things like these, singing, etc. And when all else fails, the DVD player gets turned on. The last thing I can handle is being stuck in a car with 4 whining kids.

How do you keep your kids happy and entertained in the car?

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  1. The girls love playing I Spy in the car!! Isn't it funny though how they can entertain themselves with the simplest things


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