Saturday, May 14, 2011

Where Did My Stuff Go?

I mentioned before that both my husband and I each had our desktop computers die in the past year. We took my hard drive and his processor and put them together to make a hodgepodge CPU so that he would have something to work on. Thankfully I still have my laptop. So I backed up all my music, photos and files but I left all of my programs on it.

See I went to college for multimedia presentation, design and management. In plain English that translates into graphic design, web design and application design. So I am a bit of an Adobe software junkie and the hard drive had quite a few graphics and multimedia programs on it like Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, etc. Programs that cost hundreds of dollars but that I had gotten from either school or work for free. Programs that I no longer have the disks for. Do you see where this is going?

So the other day I needed to get on that computer to play around and see if I could put together an interactive PDF for someone. Yeah, every single program is gone. Why you ask? I went to the culprit to find out and I was informed that he deleted them all in order to speed up the computer. Great. {insert frowning, agitated face here}. My laptop only has Photoshop, so the rest of the programs are gone forever. I think I might still have the Acrobat disk around here somewhere, but if you could see my office right now you would know that my chances of locating it are rather slim.

On the bright side, the computer is in fact running a tad bit faster than before. Woo. Hoo. {grumble}

Tell me I am not alone. Has your spouse ever deleted or thrown away something you still need?


  1. I have done this to myself before. Back when I was learning how to do stuff, lol. It still hurts to think about.

  2. Hello. Hope you're having a fantastic weekend.


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  3. Hi, I'm a new follower from Relax and Surf. Hope you're having a great Sunday! Please stop by to visit sometime soon.

    I will never live down dumping all the yam juice once when we were married just a few years at most. OOPS. You dump the juice out of every other vegetable can before use, so why not that one? You live and learn! I'm the one who throws things away... he he he


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