Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Royal Wedding: Will You Be Up Early to Watch?

There has been no escaping the build up to the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The media coverage has been beyond extensive. But until last week I never actually thought about watching the wedding. Then my husband informed me that PBS will be airing the BBC's live coverage starting at 3:00 AM EST on Friday morning, April 29, and that he will be getting up to watch it. My husband is a history junkie so he wants to see the ceremony and all of the pageantry. So I told him to wake me up and I will watch it with him.

Official engagement photo by Mario Testino.

Then I started thinking more about it and I may take that back. Do I really need to be up that early to watch it live when surely all of the networks will be showing clips of it over and over and over again for who knows how long? Or I could even just hop onto my iPhone and watch parts of it on YouTube whenever I want. Is live really better?

So I am still torn on whether to get up with him or not. I guess a lot of it will depend on if I am able to get to bed early Thursday night, which is highly unlikely. I am jealous of you West Coasters right now since for you it will be starting around 6:00 AM. I'm usually up by then anyway.

What about you? Will you be getting up early to watch the Royal Wedding live? Will you just watch it later in the day? Or do you not even care to watch it at all?


  1. I want to watch it but am not a morning person whatsoever. I will watch it once I am up though! I am actually kind of excited! :)

  2. I havent really been caring all that much about the event. I dont have a reason to.

  3. I don't get up that early for anything! I haven't really been paying attention to the whole royal wedding thing. I know it's happening, I know who is getting married, but it's not really my thing. My friend, on the other hand, will be getting up at 4am because I forgot to teach her how to program her DVR. She's very technologically challenged.

  4. Oh how I wish we could DVR it! We don't even have cable, just the basic network channels, so no DVR or TIVO for me.

  5. No, I'm not watching it, I'm just not into it. Crazy right?

  6. Aren't they just a gorgeous couple?


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