Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Carousel Designs & Natural Mat Awesome Organics Giveaway

Last year I did a review of a Natural Mat Organic Crib Mattress. It is now one year later and I am still in love with it and cannot say enough good things about our Latex Mat. My baby boy and I can rest easily knowing there are no toxins in or on his mattress, where between naps and bedtime, he probably spends half of his time. A Natural Mat is an important investment for any nursery.

Well now Natural Mat and Carousel Designs have teamed up for an Awesome Organics Giveaway on Facebook. The winner will receive a Carousel Designs 4 piece bedding set and a Natural Nat Coco Mat. Giveaway ends February 4. Visit the Carousel Designs Facebook page for complete details and to enter. The details can be found on their "wall."

Good luck!!!

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